Looking for some spine-tingling suspense? These three new releases deserve a spot on your TBR list! #amreading #TBR #TBRlist #Suspense #inspy #inspirational #ChristianFiction #goodbooks #newreleases #favoriteauthors #BookTalkTuesdays

Looking for some spine-tingling suspense? These three new releases deserve a spot on your TBR list!

I receive free electronic advanced reader copies of these books through an arrangement between the publishers and NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion on NetGalley’s website. I only review books on my blog that I really love.

Looking for some spine-tingling suspense? These three new releases deserve a spot on your TBR list! #amreading #TBR #TBRlist #Suspense #inspy #inspirational #ChristianFiction #goodbooks #newreleases #favoriteauthors #BookTalkTuesdays

Looking for A Spine-Tingling Suspense Title?

While I usually lean towards historical romances, rom-coms, biographies, own voices books, or classics (Jane Austen, anyone?) sometimes I love reading a moody mystery or a spine-tingling thriller. In my younger years, I read some pretty dark stuff. Now I prefer reading edge-of-your-seat suspense that balances the Light with the darkness. These three new releases fit the bill. They’ll keep you engaged from the first page but never leave you feeling as if evil triumphs in the end.

Night Fall (The Quantico Files Book 1)

By Nancy Mehl, Bethany House Publishers, March 2021, 336 pages.

Alex Donavan has learned to leave her past behind. As an elite FBI agent in the Behavioral Analysis Unit, all her dreams have come true. But when authorities in Missouri contact the BAU about a series of murders, Alex’s nightmares come rushing back.

Can Alex and her team get ahead of the Train Man and stop his plot to bring destruction to the world before it’s too late?

Why I Liked this Book

Mehl knows how to suck a reader into suspense faster than a car spinning on black ice. A protagonist with a troubled background, a strange cult, and deep questions about good and evil keep the reader engaged from beginning to end.

The author also avoids cardboard antagonists, and spends time helping the reader understand what drives people to act the way they do. Matters of faith arise naturally, and the protagonist starts off more agnostic than anything else. I’d share this book with anyone who loves good suspense, no matter what their spiritual beliefs. Fans of Carrie Stuart Parks, Lynette Eason, and Colleen Coble will love this book.

Hours to Kill (Homeland Heroes Book 3)

By Susan Sleeman, Bethany House Publishers, March 2021, 331 pages.

Someone wants to stop Homeland Security Agent Addison Leigh from discovering something, and he’ll go to any lengths to make her back off. First, he threatens her elderly mother at knife point, and then he threatens Addy’s life.

Only she can’t remember anything. Addy can’t remember her investigation, nor the man who stole her phone after her car wreck, nor why she called Mack Jordan of the RED team to help her.

And now Mack Jordan has shown up in her hospital room claiming to be her husband. Addy doesn’t know who she can trust.

Mack Jordon misses a phone call while on an op to find three missing teenage girls. Girls the RED team has spent hours searching for over the past year. When the op ends in disappointment, once again, he finds out his estranged wife, Addy, had a favor to ask him. And then he gets a phone call from a hospital notifying him Addy has been in a wreck and has a traumatic brain injury.

He drops everything to rush to Addy’s side. Only when he arrives and she wakes up, she doesn’t remember him.

How can he protect the woman he still loves and help her figure out who wants her dead if the hospital staff won’t even let him in her room? Because despite their separation, Mack still loves Addy.

Why I Loved this Book

The third in Sleeman’s Homeland Heroes series, readers finally find out why Mack and Addy separated. Although part of a series, readers can enjoy this book on its own. Sleeman keeps readers turning pages with her fast-paced scenes. Addy’s amnesia adds intrigue and interest as well as an interesting romantic plot—can married people fall in love with each other if one of them has forgotten the marriage?

Three Missing Days (The Pelican Harbor Series)

By Colleen Coble, Thomas Nelson, April 6, 2021, 352 pages.

Pelican Harbor’s Chief of Police, Jane Hardy can’t seem to catch a break. While investigating a house fire that claimed two lives, her personal life falls apart. Lauren Dixon, Reid Dixon’s ex-wife, accosts her in public.

Jane’s best friend, Olivia, reveals her most recent diagnosis—and things look bad. Gabriel, part of the Liberty’s Children cult, is camping out on a remote island in near Pelican Harbor, and Jane worries about his reason for showing up.

Reid and Jane have a long, share a tangled history as well as a son. While they leave town to seek answers from Jane’s mom, their son is accused of murder. The keys to all the cases seem to hinge on three days missing from Jane’s memory.

Could reawakening those memories provide the clue to exonerate her son and solve three murder cases?

Why I Love This Book

Coble continues the Pelican Harbor Series with another action-packed winner. Although not necessary to read the first two books in the series, readers would find it helpful. The author skillfully builds her cast of characters and plants plenty of red herrings to keep readers in suspense.

If you love inspirational suspense from authors like Susan Sleeman, Carrie Stuart Parks, or Kelly Irvin, you’ll love Coble’s books!

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Looking for some spine-tingling suspense? These three new releases deserve a spot on your TBR list! #amreading #TBR #TBRlist #Suspense #inspy #inspirational #ChristianFiction #goodbooks #newreleases #favoriteauthors #BookTalkTuesdays

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