Standing in the Need of Prayer

Oh, Lord, I
need you.

The ragged woman on the street corner with the
‘Please help’ sign, did she
park her Mercedes around the corner, wanting to
gull the masses instead of
working an honest day?

Oh, Lord, I
need you.need

The girl on crutches, clumping towards class,
again. Has she injured herself
for real? Or does she just need attention
because of the
gaping holes in her life?

Oh, Lord, I
need you.

A boy sits at his desk, eyes hidden
behind sunglasses in the dimly lit
classroom. Does he hide tears of
pain? Or the bloodshot eyes of a
recent high?

Oh, Lord, I
need you.

A mother spills her angst over Facebook’s
shiny feed. I settle back in my chair and
focus on everything that mom has done
wrong. I know what she
should do. Ask me.

Oh, Lord, I
need you.

Another brother in Christ spontaneously
combusts in public. Hidden
sins; unnatural
proclivities; misused money. Ruining the name of
Christians everywhere.

Oh, Lord, I need you.
Save me from my judgmental self.
Open my eyes to see the pain
behind the masks.
Cleve my heart. I
need you.

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All too often I fail to see my own need because I'm too busy judging someone else's. #fmfparty Click To Tweet


  1. How true that is! Sometimes it is too painful to see other people’s needs because it involves recognising the plank in our own eye. Thank you, Anita, for expressing this so beautifully in your prayer poem.

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