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Heart on the Line

by Karen Witemeyer. 336 pages, Bethany House, June 2017.


Grace and Amos meet on-line: on the telegraph line, that is. Their anonymous friendship blooms after hours (they both work for Western Union as telegraph operators), and when Amos overhears a threat to Grace, he drops everything to come to her rescue.

Amos worries about his reception, of course, since he’s never seen Grace. He also prefers bicycles to horses and humor over violence. He doesn’t have the broad shoulders and commanding presence of the typical knight in shining armor. He does, however, have intelligence, wit, and integrity.

Will their unlikely friendship turn into something more? Will the bad guys get to Grace before Amos can arrive? This story, also set in Harper’s Station (the scene of Witemeyer’s No Other Will Do) has some of the same characters from the previous book. The secondary story of man-hating Helen and how she deals with the intrusion of not just Amos, but two other men in Harper’s Station make this book complete.

If you love witty dialogue, intrigue, and romance, you’ll love this book.

The Captain’s Daughter

by Jennifer Delamere 352 pages, Bethany House, June 2017

JuneWhen Roselyn Bernay, ladies’ maid, sister, orphan, and wrongly accused, finds herself on a train to London in 1879, she has no idea what will become of her. Things haven’t been going for quite some time. Her father, a ship’s captain, disappeared at sea,and when her mother dies, Roselyn and her two sisters had to go live in George Mueller’s orphanage until they reach the age of going into service.

When she arrives in London, Roselyn worries that God’s provision might arrive too late as her situation worsens with each move she makes. When a shady character accosts her at the train station, an apparently safe man offers to help her. But by this time, she has no idea whom she can trust.

When Nate Moran tries to help a young lady at the London train station and fails, he can only pray that things will turn out all right for her. Although he doesn’t have much confidence in things turning out all right. After all, he himself has messed up beyond redemption when he allowed his emotions to interfere with his guard duty. Nate can’t wait to return to his regiment and pay penance for his mistake.

Only God could direct Nate and Roselyn’s paths to meet again—and when he does, both of them experience growth. But will the changes in their lives draw them together, or apart?

I enjoyed reading a book that involved two characters that didn’t hail from the upper class in London. Delamare does a great job of chronicling life for those who live hand-to-mouth in a time period where no one has health insurance and the rich assume that the poor remain destitute because they have no will to work.

High as the Heavens

by Kate Breslin. 400 pages, Bethany House, June 2017

JuneKate Breslin takes readers on a historical tour de force all wrapped up in a touching romance about a Red Cross nurse in Belgium and her struggles to keep her family together during World War I. Along the way, readers learn about the underground resistance in Belgium and the horrors of the First World War.

The unexpected twists and intrigue keep the reader turning pages, wondering if someone close to Evelyn Marche will betray her in her quest to help her country. I don’t want to say a lot more, because I wouldn’t want to spoil anything. If you enjoyed Downton Abby, you’ll probably enjoy this book.

Dark Deception

Nancy Mehl 320 pages, Bethany House, June 2017.

JuneKate O’Brien should have died with her twin sister—but she didn’t. She’s called on as an eyewitness in the trial of the man who attacked her and her sister—twice. Tony DeLuca, U.S. Marshall protects her through the trials. Six years later, he travels to Shelter Cove, where Kate lives as part of the Witness Protection Program, to convince her to testify once again. When tampered-with evidence comes to light, her attacker walks free. Kate doesn’t want to relive the horror of another trial, but she reluctantly agrees. When her attacker goes missing, everyone races to save Kate before he can reach her.

A host of characters work tirelessly to unravel the mystery of the Blue Eyed-Killer. Is it one man, as everyone first suspected? Or is something far more sinister lurking just out of law enforcement’s reach? Suspense and mystery readers will enjoy this book—the author does a great job of not going into gory detail but at the same time allowing the reader to understand the depravity of humans.

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  1. Anita, you continually amaze me! When I read about your personal adventures, I wonder how you find time to read so much. How do you do it? I confess to be a poorly read educator, and an even worse one as a reading teacher. I do well to keep up with the books I’m reading with my students. Thanks for being such a good reading role model.

  2. Hi, Not sure why you sent ME this email, (I am mostly a non fiction reader), but thanks anyway. I will check it out. I am endeavoring to write my own story of betrayal and the surreal (sadly, not romantic). I have ten books on my table right now to read, and it keeps growing. Thanks for keeping me posted.

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