Grab one of these thrilling suspense books for a late-night summer read! One takes place in Regency England and the other in modern-day Texas. #suspense #novel #amreading #bookreview

If you’re looking for a good suspense book to keep you up late at night (who needs movies when you have suspense books, right?), check out these two books.

Grab one of these thrilling suspense books for a late-night summer read! One takes place in Regency England and the other in modern-day Texas. #suspense #novel #amreading #bookreview

The Nobel Guardian

Michelle Griep, Shilo Run Press, June 1, 2019, 320 pages

Abigail Gilbert can’t wait to escape home, even it means a long, dangerous carriage ride to meet her affianced. Even when her stepmother arranges to send her on her journey with just a maid and a postilion. And certainly, the sting of not saying a final goodbye to her father and half-siblings will be assuaged when she marries her baronet.

Although she’s only met Sir Jonathan Aberley when they danced at a ball, Abby has high hopes. Hopes that she’ll find her one true love. That Sir Jonathan will cherish her and together they’ll form a family where love rules.

Bow Street runner Samuel Thatcher, hot on the trail of Shankhart Robbins, finds a young boy alive near the scene of Robbins’ latest depredation. The incident makes him sure he needs to retire to a small farm somewhere. So many years as a soldier and then as a runner have torn apart his soul.

But returning to Hounslow Heath and finding Shankhart Robbins would bring more money for the farm of his dreams. And so he returns. Only to find a pair of ladies under attack. Saving them earns him a kick in the jaw.

Once the lady calms down, he offers to escort them to the next inn. Neither the lady nor her maid seems to trust him. But never mind. He has a job to do, and now that Shankhart’s younger brother lies dead, his job will only prove more dangerous.

The next day Fanny resigns her position, leaving Abigail to travel alone. Self-respecting women don’t travel alone, and Abigail offers the job of escorting her to her intended to the enigmatic Samuel Thatcher.

An Unlikely Hero

As they journey to Brakewell Hall in Penrith, disaster stalks Abigail and Samuel at every turn. Abigail’s faith in her future with Sir Jonathan Aberley sustains her. Although her growing friendship with Samuel gives her pause.

Will her life turn out as she’s always dreamed? Or does God have something better planned for her?

Readers will love the combination of romance, suspense, and intrigue that Griep weaves into her books. You can enjoy The Noble Guardian, the third in Griep’s Bow Street Runner trilogy, even if you haven’t read the other two. Unlike the formulaic Regency genre with lords and ladies and comedies of manners, Griep’s heroes come from the ranks of the working-class—giving a fresh perspective of a much-used historical time period.

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Over the Line

By Kelly Irvin, Thomas Nelson, June 11, 2019, 352 pages

Gabriella Benoit, former assistant district attorney and current restaurant owner wants nothing more than a good night’s sleep after a long day. But life rarely turns out the way we want. Her ex-fiancé shows up to beg her forgiveness. Again. And then a young man comes out of the darkness, whispering her name before collapsing at her feet.

Eli Cavazos, San Antonio Police Detective, will do almost anything to win back the love of his life. But Gabby doesn’t want anything to do with him. When she screams for his help across the plaza, he rushes in to rescue her. What happens next will give him the excuse he needs to stay with her—and hopefully muster up the courage to really talk to her.

Grab one of these thrilling suspense books for a late-night summer read! One takes place in Regency England and the other in modern-day Texas. #suspense #novel #amreading #bookreview

As Gabby and Eli rush to find out what happened to her brother Jake, armed men break into Gabby’s house and threaten her sister Natalie, her niece and nephew, and Deacon, her reporter friend. Although Eli doesn’t trust Deacon, Gabby knows that they all need to work together to unravel the mystery of Jake’s disappearance.

The Laredo Police Department wants to arrest Jake, an ATF agent, for murder. But no one can find him. Jurisdiction squabbles, dirty cops, and uneasy relationships keep getting in the way of the search.

Irvin creates another fast-paced, chilling suspense novel that will keep you up late at night (start it on a weekend). Not just another suspense novel, though, the author weaves in the message of forgiveness and grace. If you missed her first book, Tell Her no Lies, you’ll want to read it, too.

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I receive free electronic advanced reader copies of these books through an arrangement between the publishers and NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion on NetGalley’s website. I only review books on my blog that I really love.

What’s YOUR Favorite Suspense Book?

Ok, if you can’t pick a favorite suspense title, how about your favorite suspense author? How would you classify the difference between a thriller and a suspense book?

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