Looking for a great summer read that will keep you up past your bedtime? These three suspense titles will do the trick! #suspense #inspy #amreading #hookedonbooks #summerreads #bookreview #TBR

Looking for a great summer read that will keep you up past your bedtime? These three suspense titles will do the trick!

I receive free electronic advanced reader copies of these books through an arrangement between the publishers and NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion on NetGalley’s website. I only review books on my blog that I really love.

Looking for a great summer read that will keep you up past your bedtime? These three suspense titles will do the trick! #suspense #inspy #amreading #hookedonbooks #summerreads #bookreview #TBR

What Keeps YOU Up Past Your Bedtime?

Summer always keeps me up past my bedtime. The long days trick me into thinking bedtime awaits hours from now. I’ll glance at the clock and realize I’ve stayed awake two or three hours past my bedtime. This happens a lot when I stay with my daughter in Alaska. Sometimes, games of 3-13, Catan, or chatting around a campfire act as the culprits to my missed sleep. But more often than not, books steal my time. Not that I mind. As a teacher, I can read with abandon for eight weeks every summer.

As the summer days march past, I stay up past my bedtime more often than not. Which means I spend the first few weeks of school struggling to get back into my school routine. How does summer affect you? Do you read more? Get outside more? If you’re looking for books to keep you up past your bedtime, these three inspirational suspense releases will do the trick. I promise.

Trace of Doubt

DiAnn Mills, Tyndale, September 7, 2021, 432 pages.

Shelby Pearce paid her debt to society for 15 brutal years inside a prison after confessing to murdering her brother-in-law. On the day of her parole release, she arrives in Valleysburg, Texas to start over. But someone doesn’t want to give her the chance. As an ex-con in a small town, Shelby values the few people who offer a second chance: her landlord, her boss, the local pastor, and her parole officer. She doesn’t know if she can add her next-door-neighbor, the handsome Denton McClure to the list or not. Her years in prison have made her wary.

But someone seems determined to chase her away from the moment she arrives. Bullets, phone calls, and a hostile local police department make her question the wisdom of staying. Her new friends embrace her, and Shelby has Jesus to cling to. Without Jesus, she would have taken her own life in prison. But as her anonymous tormentor escalates attacks, Shelby worries about the harm that could come to her newfound family.

FBI special Agent Denton McClure spent his time as a rookie agent investigating the theft of half a million dollars. Despite a lack of evident, McClure has always suspected Shelby Pearce. His failure has rankled for 15 years. He convinces the FBI to let him set up an undercover op in Valleysburg, TX. Maybe an offer of friendship would get the close-mouthed Shelby to talk.

But the more he gets to know Shelby, the more traces of doubts appear. As someone threatens her life Denton must uncover the mystery of the missing money before the killer wins.

Why I Loved This Book

Once again, Mills proves her mastery of the romantic suspense genre. From the first page, readers will feel drawn to an ex-con (not the usual occupation of heroines in inspirational novels). Shelby’s utter dependence on Jesus stems from all she endures in prison, and her concern for others exemplifies how Jesus would want us to treat other people.

Denton’s initial attitude towards Shelby (and God) changes the more time he spends in her presence. In Shelby, Mills makes us think about our preconceived ideas about those who’ve spent time in jail as well as who can evangelize whom.

The plot twists and red herrings keep the reader guessing as Shelby and Denton struggle to unravel the mystery of the missing money and the face behind the threats. Fans of Colleen Coble, Carrie Stuart Parks, and Irene Hannon will enjoy this book. This book comes out September 7, so it will provide the perfect end-of-the-summer read to keep you up past your bedtime!

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Woman in Shadow

By Carrie Stuart Parks, Thomas Nelson, July 13, 2021, 336 pages.

Darby Graham’s graduation from Clan Firnann, an organization dedicated to helping former Law Enforcement Officers get back on their feet after experiencing on-the-job trauma, seems simple. Visit the Mule Shoe Ranch, an expensive resort in the Idaho wilderness, and look around for the owner. Darby craves anonymity—she’s tired of the stares, the questions, and all the things she no longer has.

Her assignment seems easy (other than knowing what to do with the three rocks her mentor gives her), but a series of small earthquakes, two homeless dogs, and a few near-fatal ‘accidents’ at the ranch make her wonder if she’ll make it out alive.

Sheriff’s Deputy Bram White finds himself intrigued by the compassionate Mule Shoe guest who pays double to get Shadow Woman’s dogs off the local store owner’s hit list. The more he gets to know her, the more questions he has. How can Darby read between the lines and get to the heart of what people are really saying? Why won’t she answer his direct questions?

When a cold-blooded killer stalks the ranch, Bram and Darby must work together to save the other guests before everyone ends up dead.

Why I Loved This Book

Stuart’s books have enough plot twists to keep readers engrossed from the first page to the last. Woman is Shadow won’t disappoint. Readers will relate to Darby’s struggles to overcome past trauma or Bram’s need for perfection. Both must learn to trust themselves as well as others. Parks introduces spiritual themes (anger with God, life purpose) without sounding heavy-handed or preachy.

Fans of Colleen Coble, Lynette Eason, and DiAnn Mills will enjoy Women in Shadow.

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The Chase

By Lisa Harris, Revell, July 2021, 320 pages.

Madison James, Deputy US Marshal, returns to work just 12 weeks after someone shot her. Someone who remains at large and might try again. The shooter also knows something about who killed Madison’s husband four years earlier. Madison figures sitting around waiting for her memory of the event to return won’t help, and she eagerly returns to the job just as her partner, Deputy US Marshal Jonas Quinn receives an assignment to serve a federal warrant on a suspected bank robber.

Serving the warrant leads Madison and Jonas on dangerous chase—starting with an active bank robbery, hostages, and a shootout. As they chase the bank robbers, Madison and Jonas must unravel the suspects’ motivation and background to find clues which will lead them to the robbers’ hideouts.

Madison and Jonas must make the arrests before the cold-blooded killer in the robbery ring claims more victims.

Why I Loved This Book

Harris takes readers on a twisty ride through Seattle and the San Juan Islands in this second installment in the US Marshalls series. Although part of a series, I haven’t read the first book and enjoyed the second one thoroughly. Jonas and Madison question their feelings about friendship, love, and family as their chase leads them deeper into danger. This book is sure to keep you up past your bedtime!

Fans of Colleen Coble, Susan Sleeman, and Carrie Stuart Parks will enjoy this book.

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Looking for a great summer read that will keep you up past your bedtime? These three suspense titles will do the trick! #suspense #inspy #amreading #hookedonbooks #summerreads #bookreview #TBR

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