Not just another blog--but a blog by Native youth about Native youth. You'll learn what it's like to grow up between two cultures. #nativeamerican #nativeyouth #student #ownvoices

Voices of Native Youth: Not Just Another Blog

“Tell me why you think Native youth don’t succeed.” “What do you mean?” a student asked. “Well, only 17% of Native Americans finish college. The unemployment rate on the Rez is about 43%. Why? Just list things that you think prevent Native youth from finding success.” They looked at each other and one by one started offering reasons. “Drugs.” “Alcohol.” “The schools on the Rez suck.” “Poverty.” I wrote each answer on the whiteboard, using smaller and smaller handwriting to…

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Granny Geek’s Guide to Manual Pinning on Pinterest

How to Leverage Pinterest without Paying Money In case you missed the other posts in this series, I’ll give a brief recap. You can learn how Pinterest works and why you need good graphics. You’ll also learn where to put your copy on the graphics in your media library and why you need to tidy up your Pinterest boards. Last week we talked about creating a pinning strategy and the purpose of community boards. This week, we’ll talk about manual…

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Granny Geek’s Guide to Cleaning Up Your Pinterest Boards

Understanding Pinterest Boards In the first post in this series, you learned that Pinterest and Google have a lot in common (more than, say, Pinterest and Twitter). The second post in the series showed you exactly where to write the copy for your Pinterest graphics. Today, let’s talk boards! Remember my claim that if Google and Evernote got together and had a baby, the offspring would look like Pinterest? Well, remember that—because it will help you understand how Pinterest really…

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How to Make Your Blog Graphics Pinterest Friendly

Make Your Graphics Pinterest Friendly This week you’ll learn how to put the information that Pinterest loves in the right places so that your blog’s pins will look even more amazing. Last week, you learned that Pinterest isn’t a social media outlet (think of it as Google and Evernote getting together and having a baby). You also learned about the best practices for creating a good graphic I blog using self-hosted WordPress sites (yes, I have more than one blog).…

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Granny Geek’s Guide to Best Graphics Practices for Pinterest

Granny Geek Looks at Pinterest When I first started blogging, I didn’t understand Pinterest. I’d heard people rave about it, so I started an account five years ago when I started my first blog Blessed (but Stressed). After a while, I created some boards and pinned a little. I even followed some fellow blogging friends. I waited for the magic to happen. No magic. In five years’ time, I had amassed 691 followers and had 2,000 views per month. But…

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