Finding Wholeness in Art as Worship

Wor-ship • verb: to show respect and love for God. Today I continue the conversation with Shelley Weaver, an artist who rediscovered her passion for ceramic arts and started working on her craft when her youngest went off to college. Today Shelley talks about art as worship, developing art in children, and what she does with all of the beauty she creates. Shelley, do you see art as a form of worship? This is my favorite question. It made me…

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Ceramic Artist Rediscovers Art in Community

Shelley Weaver created all of the art featured on this page, and took the photos of her pieces. You can follow her on Instagram @sheleweav or look for the hashtag #bayavenuestudio to find more of her work. com-mu-ni-ty•noun: a group of people who have the same interests Have you ever wondered if you should (or could) pursue an artistic interest? Yesterday I invited you to consider all the ways that people express themselves artistically. Today and tomorrow I’ll share an…

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Affiliate Disclosure

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