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Progress feels good. My great-grandparents were migrant workers during the Depression. Eighty years later, their descendants live comfortable lives. Maybe it's time to rethink our comfort. #progress #election2020, #BLM #selfcare #christian #christianwalk #justice #socialjustice
What's in your book bag for the summer? Check out these contemporary Christian romances. They'll entertain and tackle tough topics. #amreading #bookreview #newrelease #netgalley #romance #contemporary #inspirational #inspy
Whether you already blog or write for a Christian audience, or whether you want to start blogging or writing for a Christian audience, this book is for YOU! This is the best book for Christian writers that I've ever read. Find out why. #Christian #amwriting #blogging #writer
Looking for a social justice definition? The concept of social justice dates back to biblical times, and it hasn't changed much to this day. Find ten ideas for practicing social justice now (why wait?). #socialjustice #selfcare #SelfcareSunday

I’d Rather the Church Remain Silent

It is Better to be Silent… I read a heart-breaking post on Facebook this evening. A woman attends a church where the pastor—whose qualification consists of a seminary degree—has pulpit-shamed his congregation into abandoning their medications for depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses. The woman fears for her friend, who followed the pastor’s counsel and …

How Do YOU Define Christian?

Doing Research in the Age of Information Leading high school students through the arduous process of writing a research paper leaves me feeling exhausted. Since the advent of the Internet, Google, Wikipedia, and social media, kids define cutting and pasting content from other sources as ‘research.’ I beg to differ. And so we do things …

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