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Do I HAVE to go to church? I struggle with that question for many different reasons. Here’s what I discovered. #church #religion #relationship #community #fmfparty
We've all head about priests and pastors who turned out to be sexual predators. But what about the affable volunteer who loves 'ministering' to kids? This book will equip you to spot common grooming behavior by predators and help you empower your children and keep them safe from predators. #sexualabuse #church
Sometimes, we make Christianity more complicated than we need to. We create God in our image and his desires in the image of our preferences. Rusty George's new book shares a simple path to following Jesus that all of us need to know. #mercy #justice #socialjustice #followingjesus #christianity

I’d Rather the Church Remain Silent

It is Better to be Silent… I read a heart-breaking post on Facebook this evening. A woman attends a church where the pastor—whose qualification consists of a seminary degree—has pulpit-shamed his congregation into abandoning their medications for depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses. The woman fears for her friend, who followed the pastor’s counsel and …

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