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Looking for community to help you grow your blog traffic? Keep these three etiquette tips in mind as you enter the wonderful world of blogging link-ups and Facebook groups. #community #blogger #amwriting #write28days
Want to make blogging friends on Twitter and Facebook? These tips should help. Just remember that social media is a tool, not a one-stop destination, for blog growth. #blogger #bloggrowth #friends #write28days #socialmedia

Every Traveler Needs a Copilot

co-pi-let•noun: a pilot who helps the main pilot operate an airplane, helicopter, ect. Siri as Copilot “I think you missed the exit,” I said, as we flew down the highway. Sure enough, a second later Siri went through her ‘recalculating route’ routine. Pedro looked at me and grimaced. Even though Siri had plotted a route …

Find Your Pod, Tell Your Story

Sto-ry • noun: an account of incidents or events We can nurture ourselves through story—both by sharing our story and listening to other people’s stories. Find Your Pod, Tell Your Story The captain of the whale-watching tour ship called out over the loudspeakers, “Look to nine o’clock and you’ll see a bottlenose dolphin!” The passengers …

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