Faithful Finish Lines

If you struggle with weight loss, don’t beat yourself up. Over three-fourths of us are over our ideal body weight. Achieving a healthy body weight and staying there will look different for every person. It depends on your body composition and what motivates you to achieve goals. #FFL #idealbodyweight #SelfCare

Read This if You Struggle With Weight Loss

This is the third installment of my weight-loss journey story. Today we’ll talk about the need to learn about yourself before you spend money on products, classes, memberships, or community. We’ll also talk about ideal body weight. It’s not the same for everyone. My Journey to My Ideal Body Weight “Did you join Weight-Watchers or Overeaters Anonymous?” my colleague asked. “No,” I shook my head. “Tell me your secret,” she insisted. “You look great!” I shrugged. “I went on a…

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How to Avoid Winter Weight Gain

This week’s Self-Care Sunday installment focuses on physical wholeness and will help you avoid winter weight gain. How to Avoid Winter Weight Gain I know, talking about winter weight gain on the day after fall is like stores selling Christmas decorations before Halloween. But trust me, planning self-care routines ahead of time pays off big. The older I get, the more difficult it is for me to keep off the extra pounds when I stop my regular routine. What about…

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