Saying Yes to Friendship is Saying Yes to Self-Care

This week’s Self-care Sunday installment comes to us from Tanya Gioia. She talks about the importance of saying yes to friendship–even when it feel scary. Standing at the kitchen window doing dishes one morning, I heard the phone ring.  We lived far enough out of town that a landline was still required. Wiping my hands, I reached out for the phone wondering who could this be?   “Hello?” “Hi, this is Sadie, from Al-Anon, I just called to see how…

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Is Having Tea a Lost Art in the United States?

A Tea Party with the British on the Fourth of July After our trip to Valdez and close encounter with a glacier, we decided to hang around Red Eagle Lodge for two days and join the Independence Day celebration and cookout that Richard and Judy host for all of the guests. Sunday brought gentle rain showers and two bicyclists from England who dropped by for a hot cup of coffee. The bicyclists, Sarah and Dave, enjoyed the coffee and hospitality…

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