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Who would have imagined that we'd have to cancel graduation when the second semester started in January of 2020. But no matter how strange the year has turned out, we've all learned a little about grace. #grace #community #church #graduation #cancel #plans #fmfparty

How to Gain the Freedom to Love

This week’s Self-care Sunday continues the theme of freedom. A Clean Bill of Health “Everything looks great!” the service manager told me, “you’re all set for another five-thousand miles.” For some reason, knowing that my car had no problems made me feel like I’d gotten a no-cavity report from the dentist. The freedom of having …

Grace Camp for Grownups

  A Grace-Filled Camp for Grownups! I’d love to introduce you to two ladies who embody my philosophy about physical wholeness. Sara and Becky believe that building a healthy lifestyle shouldn’t focus on losing weight. Losing weight happens when we build a healthy lifestyle. And like me, they believe that spiritual wholeness and freedom in …

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