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Just breathe. Usually, I hear someone saying this when they think I'm getting angry. But breathing deeply can do a lot more for you than make space for your body to react to anger. And sometimes, we have no idea we've forgotten how to breathe. #breathe #painmanagement #selfcare #selfcarehacks #insomnia #stress
You may wonder how many steps a day you’ll need to lose weight. Do you need 10,000 steps? These tips and tools will help you tackle the physical self-care you’ll need on your weight-loss journey. Remember, small changes over time produce the best results. #keto #weightloss #fitnesstracker #selfcare
What?! There are different types of self-care? Absolutely! In order to stay balanced, you need to explore and develop a variety of ways to take care of yourself. Jump start your physical self-care routine today. #SelfCareSunday #selfcare #bestversionofme #healthyme #health
Looking for a practical self-care checklist to help you form healthier habits? We all have the power to change and form new habits--and there's no better time to start than NOW! #selfcare #checklist #habits

Grace Camp for Grownups

  A Grace-Filled Camp for Grownups! I’d love to introduce you to two ladies who embody my philosophy about physical wholeness. Sara and Becky believe that building a healthy lifestyle shouldn’t focus on losing weight. Losing weight happens when we build a healthy lifestyle. And like me, they believe that spiritual wholeness and freedom in …

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