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If you're looking for the perfect love story to snuggle up with on a cool autumn evening, look no further! One book will chill you with its suspenseful plot and the other will warm you with its beautiful prose and hope. #amreading #bookreviews #romance #Christmas #suspense
The treatment of orphans has come a long way in the last hundred years. But it still has a long way to go to fully meet the needs of orphans and children in crisis. This book highlights how children in London were treated in the 1900s. #amreading #orphans #bookreveiw
While not fitting into the formulaic 'sweet contemporary romance' genre, these books are just the ticket for those looking for a longer, well-developed plot. #amreading #romance #inspirational
Looking for a new book to fall in love with? These three new releases will make you laugh, smile, and grip the edge of your seat. Great gift ideas for a book lover! #amreading #bookreview #Christianfiction #inspirational #suspense #romance
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