Check out these two new general fiction books that will inspire you and make you laugh (and think). #amreading #bookreview #contemporaryfiction #inspire

General Fiction to Inspire You

An Unorthodox Match By Naomi Ragen, St. Martin’s Press, September 24, 2019, 336 pages Leah Howard, known as Lola to her mother and anyone else who knew her before she decided to adopt an orthodox Jewish lifestyle, just wants to fit in. And for Leah, fitting in means finding an orthodox husband. Rabbi Weintraub breaks the news to her gently, his women’s studies program caters to a younger set. At 34, Leah, with her secular background (even though her mother…

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The ‘Other Lessons’ that Inspire (aka, When We Don’t Get What We Want)

A Journey to Inspire Me The boat rocked back and forth as it rose and fell with the swells of the ocean. The deep blue of the water vied with the sky for my attention. On the horizon, thunderheads piled up between us and the receding shore line. I couldn’t wait to discover the secrets of the open ocean and let them inspire me in some creative way. The hot wind whipped my curls into my eyes. I didn’t bother…

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