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Maybe you didn't grow up with a growth mindset, but there's no reason why your kids can't have one. These five hacks will help you help your kids foster a growth mindset so they can accomplish more with confidence. #growthmindset #goals #parenting #selfconfidence #launchingbeliefs #limitingbeliefs #SMARTgoals #confidentkids
Failure. We've all experienced it. It can either crush us or spur us on to greater achievement. How we deal with failure depends on whether we have a or a fixed mindset or a growth mindset. Find out what this means and how you CAN change. #selfcaresunday #selfcare #growthmindset
Have you ever wondered why it seems so. hard. to break habits, move past events, or overcome adversity in your life? It may have to do with cognitive dissonance and limiting beliefs. Here's a powerful way to overcome limiting beliefs. #limitingbeliefs #cognitivedissonance #selfcare
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