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A book about insanity and a book about the healing only God can offer. Both books take an intense historical look at issues that we still face today through the medium of story. Stories you won't want to put down! #amreading #bookreview #inspirational
No one has immunity from cancer, a perfect storm can cause it to leap to life. How we treat it matters. Likewise, no one has immunity from mental illness. A perfect storm of heredity, circumstance, and attitude can erupt in a mental illness diagnosis. How we treat it matters. #mentalillnessawarenessweek #mentalillness
In order to take care of yourself spiritually during a mental health crisis, you’ll need to come to terms with the fact that most of us experience some sort of mental health crisis at some point in our lives. #SelfCareSunday #mentalillness #mentalhealthmonth
Whether you suffer from low energy, have bipolar disorder, struggle with depression, or just feel out of sorts, the key to improving your mental health starts with a good physical self-care routine. #mentalhealth #mentalhealthmonth,#4Mind4Body,#NAMI, #bipolar #bipolardisorder,#anxiety, #depression, #panicattacks,#selfcare #physicalselfcare
Seven signs your child needs a therapist that every parent should know. If we want to practice balanced self-care, we need to stay aware of the needs of our children. The greatest gift you can give your kids is the tools to ensure that they have good mental health. #mothersday #mentalhealth #4Mind4Body #therapist

How to Handle a Mental Illness Disclosure

In this week’s edition of Self-Care Sunday, I’ll address the Christian’s response to mental Illness. Mental Illness is NOT a Spiritual Problem Depression. Anxiety. Schizophrenia. Bipolar Disorder. Alzheimer’s. Anorexia. Binge Eating. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. The list goes on. Physicians and mental health experts have classified over 200 forms of mental illness. It stands to reason …

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