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Finding culturally diverse books for children and tweens isn't easy. Second Story Press from Canada has an excellent and growing selection of beautiful books written by marginalized voices as well as books written in the language of the storyteller. I call that a win-win situation! #amreading #ownvoices #marginalizedvoices #truth #boardingschool #picturebook #culturaldiversity
Why is cultural diversity important? Without it, we settle in to our beliefs like a feather bed (or quicksand) and fail to listen to the truth of the world around us. #middlegrade #ownvoices #teacher #homeschool
I loved the Boxcar Children, but this new series will appeal to today's young readers. #mystery #caseofwindylake #netgalley

Do We Adapt to Injustice From Lack of Awareness?

May We Never Adapt to Injustice The name Trayvon Martin brings an instant image of a young man looking out from the hood of his sweatshirt with soulful eyes. We know the facts—a young black man walks through an ethnically diverse neighborhood when a vigilante half-Hispanic man shoots and kills him during an ‘altercation.’ Twenty …

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