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Ever wonder if God has a grand design for your life? I know I do. I often wonder (especially during rough times) what the plan is. I'm learning to trust the details to God and wait to see his design. #creation #christianity #selfcare #selfcareSunday #grandcanyonnatinalpark #granddesign #anxiety #stress #teaherlife #outdooreducation #elk
Do You Need to Change Your Emphasis in Order to Change Your Results?

Let Light Transform You From Bleh to Beautiful

I love hummingbirds—small, speedy, colorful and difficult-to-photograph birds that measure from 2.75 inches to 5.5 inches in length. These measuring-spoon sized avian acrobats act like California Condors when defending their territory from foreign invasion (i.e., other birds approaching ‘its’ feeder). I feel tired just watching a hummingbird. Their hearts can beat up to 1260 times …

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