Finding Sabbath Rest for Your Brain in a Restless World

Everybody’s Doing it This month’s Self-care Sundays series will focus on Sabbath rest. How can we find it, cultivate it, and benefit from it? How does Sabbath rest help us nurture ourselves? Athletes use it. Doctors prescribe it. Scientists espouse its virtues. We know we need it, but we fail to work it into our lives. What is it? Rest. Before we can take it, we must define it. People often mistake sleep for rest. While adequate sleep plays an…

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Rug Burn, Aching Joints, and other Hazards of Play

How to Play with a Baby “What happened to your knee?” my daughter Laura asked. I glanced down and noticed a red, raw spot on my left knee. “Carpet burn, I guess,” I answered with a shrug. “Abel and I have been racing up and down the hallway.” “Oh, you poor thing!” “Naw,” I replied, “anything to hear his cackle!” Therein lies the truth. I’ll do anything to get a two-toothed grin, a chortle, or a cackle out of my…

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