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As a teacher, it would be easy to despair at the apathy at the start of the school year. But I have a secret weapon. #apathy #educator #student #teacher
Know someone at work with an abrasive personality? That's a polite term for a jerk at work. Maybe it's time to stop letting the jerk get under your skin and take action! #jerk #jerkatwork #relationships #coworkers
While not fitting into the formulaic 'sweet contemporary romance' genre, these books are just the ticket for those looking for a longer, well-developed plot. #amreading #romance #inspirational
You'd think I would have learned the importance of how you make people feel back in fifth grade. Back when I suffered the social consequences of making a friend feel badly. But no. I guess I don't learn very fast, after all. #relationships #feeling #howyoumakepeoplefeel
Sometimes, we make Christianity more complicated than we need to. We create God in our image and his desires in the image of our preferences. Rusty George's new book shares a simple path to following Jesus that all of us need to know. #mercy #justice #socialjustice #followingjesus #christianity
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