Sabbath Rest

How Playfulness and Adventure Help You Find Sabbath Rest

This week for Self-care Sunday we’ll continue to explore the topic of Sabbath rest. If you want to really learn to nurture yourself, you’ll want to consider scheduling a day of rest into each week. The definition of physical rest might surprise you. Despite the controversy surrounding Laura Ingalls Wilder, her depiction of how Victorian America ‘kept the sabbath’ has stuck with me all these years. Children sat fidgeting, holding in pent-up energy, and waiting breathlessly for their parents to…

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The Connection Between Creativity and Sabbath Rest

Have you ever wondered if there’s a connection between creativity and Sabbath rest? I’ve found one in my life. Check out these tips. #Sabbathrest #rest #Creatviity #selfcare

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Finding Sabbath Rest for Your Brain in a Restless World

Everybody’s Doing it This month’s Self-care Sundays series will focus on Sabbath rest. How can we find it, cultivate it, and benefit from it? How does Sabbath rest help us nurture ourselves? Athletes use it. Doctors prescribe it. Scientists espouse its virtues. We know we need it, but we fail to work it into our lives. What is it? Rest. Before we can take it, we must define it. People often mistake sleep for rest. While adequate sleep plays an…

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Wresting Rest from an Overbooked Life

rest • verb, noun: to refrain from labor or exertion; to be free from anxiety or disturbance; peace of mind or spirit Every journey requires rest—whether we seek mental, academic/artistic, or physical wholeness—we all need to pause and rest. Our journey towards spiritual wholeness also involves a component of rest. In fact, I maintain that God created us to rest and gave us a specific day in which to seek rest. It started with creation. God created for six days,…

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