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The verb to teach fills me with memories, maybe because I’ve taught for over 30 years. But the biggest lesson I’m still learning has to do with learning to be a humble student.#lifelonglearner #LLL #teacherlife #student #humility #math #unexpectedblessings
My students schooled me this week in how to let go when you want to hold on. Oh, they have no idea they taught me a lesson. But that's what makes teaching such a blessing.#teacherlife #teacher #students #lettinggo #holdon #fmfparty
I'll never have a fat bank account or drive a sporty car. No one will remember me as 'that successful businesswoman' or 'writer who found success.' But that's ok because I get to hear the sweet sound of success on a weekly basis. #success #teacher #student #test #career #testtakingskills

The Sweet Sound of Success

Practicing for Success “Open your booklet and fold the back cover at the perforations,” I instructed my students this morning. “What’s a perforation?” one asked under his breath. “That little line of holes you can see if you hold the paper up to the light,” I said, and went back to my monologue. “Today you’ll …

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