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If you struggle with weight loss, don’t beat yourself up. Over three-fourths of us are over our ideal body weight. Achieving a healthy body weight and staying there will look different for every person. It depends on your body composition and what motivates you to achieve goals. #FFL #idealbodyweight #SelfCare
Eat fat to lose weight? It sounds crazy, I know. That's just one of the mental barriers to losing weight I had to overcome. Here's what I discovered during my journey. #keto #goodfat #SelfCareSunday #selfcare #weightloss #healthy

Grace Camp for Grownups

  A Grace-Filled Camp for Grownups! I’d love to introduce you to two ladies who embody my philosophy about physical wholeness. Sara and Becky believe that building a healthy lifestyle shouldn’t focus on losing weight. Losing weight happens when we build a healthy lifestyle. And like me, they believe that spiritual wholeness and freedom in …

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