vegetarianComing Soon! The Complete Guide to Breaking Vegetarian!

Ever wondered if you could 'break vegetarian?' This series will guide you through breaking vegetarian. #vegetarian #vegetarianism #healhtyeatingPart of self-care involves the way we treat our physical selves—and that means more than just a complete exercise regimen. What we put into our body can help us or hurt us, too. Next month, I’ll have a 31-day series on ‘breaking vegetarian.’

You might think it odd that a life-long vegetarian would have anything to say about giving up meat. But I’ll give you an insider’s look at healthy and healthy (er) recipes that go beyond bland tofu and tasteless bean burgers.

Even if you don’t want to go all-out-vegetarian, you’ll find ways to eat less meat but still get complete proteins.

In case you wonder, vegetarians can eat unhealthful, too. I’ve been there. I’ve both lost and gained weight on a vegetarian diet.

I’ve gone through several states of vegetarianism. At first, I ate vegetarian because my parents raised me that way. Next, I ate vegetarian because as a teenager the thought of eating meat grossed me out. I turned to the sweets, not meats form of vegetarianism for a while (and gained a lot of weight). Now, I have a more balanced approach. My body is God’s temple, and I want to keep it healthy (through exercise AND the way I eat). This honors God.

I Could Use Your Help!

In order to make this series as helpful as possible, I could really use your help! If you wanted to go vegetarian or just cut down on the amount of meat that you eat, what would you want to know?

What worries you? Have you ever talked to your family about eating vegetarian? How did they react? What concerns did they have?

As far as recipes go, do you prefer recipes on blogs that you can print out? Do you like lots of photos of the dish in question? In doing research, I’ve discovered that some recipe blog posts are about 90% photos. Does that seem like overkill to you?

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