The Piranha of Regret

Regret eats away at the
soul, nibbling tiny
piranha bites from

Unlike the murky waters of the
Amazon, though, regret lives
solo in the fish tank of our

Woulda, shoulda, coulda,
form relentless chanting as wepiranha
shake our memories over the

Envisioning different outcomes
if only we had noticed sooner
that our daughters sliced in

Surely, we could have
orchestrated other outcomes
by better vigilance and deeper

A kinder word, a compassionate smile,
anything to signal that we know,
yet judge not, because we, too, fall

Do we feed our memories to
regret, or do we forgive
ourselves and ask for

Start anew and form relationships
reborn in honesty and uncloaked by
selfish motives and blind

Love well.
Forgive often. Search
beneath the surface for pockets of

Shun regret.

Do You Struggle?

Do you struggle with regret? I wish I could record entire conversations and scenes in my life over again. Things I spoke in ignorance that hurt other people—especially my daughters. If only I knew then what I know now about mental illness, anxiety, and depression.

I pray daily now that the ‘words of my mouth, and the meditations of my heart’ be acceptable to God. My words have the power to speak hope—but only if I let the One who represents hope guide them.

Learn to express your emotions and teach your children how to do so as well. Let them know that it’s ok to have feelings and show by example how to express them in a healthy way.

May you have the bravery to face any piranhas in your soul and take back your memories.

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*I realize that the fish in the photo is NOT a piranha…I wouldn’t want to jump in a body of water full of piranhas, so I chose a toothsome fish from my photo files.