Some might think inspirational suspense an oxymoron. Trust me, it's not! Find out why. #amreading #bookreview #BookTalkTuesdays #suspense #inspy #ChristianFiction #netgalley

Some might think inspirational suspense an oxymoron. Trust me, it’s not! Find out why.

Some might think inspirational suspense an oxymoron. Trust me, it's not! Find out why. #amreading #bookreview #BookTalkTuesdays #suspense #inspy #ChristianFiction #netgalley

What’s the Deal with Inspirational Suspense?

Some might think inspirational suspense is an oxymoron. After all, suspense and thrillers involve guns, murder, danger, peril, and diabolical minds. What’s Christian about any of those things? Not much. But Christians DO encounter evil, wrongdoing, diabolical minds, murder, danger, and peril. Inspirational suspense titles model how Christians can survive and thrive despite the forces of evil. These three books will not only keep you turning pages late into the night, they’ll grow your faith.

Deadly Target (Rocky Mountain Courage Book 2)

By Elizabeth Goddard, Revell, November 2021, 336 pages.

While out kayaking with her friend in Puget Sound, criminal psychologist Erin Larson almost loses her life in a freak boating accident. Minutes after her rescue, she receives a phone call from Montana that will change the course of her life. Nathan Campbell, the only man she ever loved, and a detective for the sheriff’s department in Big Rapids, MT, phones to let her know her mom has tried to commit suicide.

Erin takes leave from her job and heads home to take care of her mom, even if it means running into Nathan, the man she walked out on but can never forget.

When Nathan’s dad comes to town for a quick visit, he invites Nathan to go fishing at their favorite spot along the Greyback River. Nathan has many fond memories of spending time with his dad as a youngster, but not so many after his parents divorced and his dad moved to Boston for a better job as a detective.

The moment his dad starts to reveal dangerous information about a cold case he’s investigating, an unknown shooter pulls the trigger—sending his dad into a coma. With a small staff and a warning to let cold cases stay cold from his boss, Nathan turns to the only person who could provide insight—Erin Larson.

When her involvement in his dad’s shooting thrusts them into the crosshairs of an assassin, Nathan realizes he’ll do anything to save the life of the woman he still loves.

Why I Love This Book

Goddard weaves a masterful web of intrigue, doubt, rabbit trails, red herrings, and suspense, not to mention a second chance at romance for two heroic characters. In addition to the outward conflict, both Erin and Nathan battle with inner conflict about their identities in Christ and their purposes in life.

Fans of Lynette Eason, Colleen Coble, and Kelly Irvin will love Elizabeth Goddard’s latest addition to the Rocky Mountain Courage series. Readers can enjoy Deadly Target as a standalone book or read Present Danger first.

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Dead Fall (Quantico Files Book 2)

By Nancy Mehl, Bethany House Publishers, November 2021, 336 pages.

Alexandra ‘Alex’ Donavan has used her behavior analyst skills to solve her first big case in Kansas, but now she’s working with the elite Behavioral Analysis Unit for the FBI in Quantico. When her team gets called on to solve one of the strangest crimes ever, Alex knows it will take their collective skills to create a profile for local law enforcement to work with.

But time is running out. Before the unit can even agree a crime took place, a second case with the same MO takes place in Australia. And then one of their own comes under attack. Can the unit stop a murder in progress? And who will the diabolical killer target next?

Why I Loved This Book

As a new Christian, Alex continues to grow in her faith with the help of fellow agents Logan Hart and Kaely Quinn. Alex struggles to understand Kaely’s unusual methods of profiling. (Kaely Quinn, the protagonist of her own series, makes an appearance in the Quantico Files. I love it when characters cross into new series, and Mehl does a great job of explaining her presence without belaboring her background).

Although second in a series, readers will enjoy Dead Fall as a standalone novel. But why miss out on Night Fall, in which Alex uses all her skills to catch a serial killer with ties to her unusual upbringing?

Mehl weaves a tangled web of intrigue suspense lovers will find irresistible. I couldn’t put the book down. Fans of Cara Putnam, Colleen Coble, and Lynette Eason will love this book.

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Labyrinth of Lies

by Irene Hannon, Revell, October 2021, 384 pages.

Cate Reilly loves her job as a St. Louis County detective, but she hates undercover work. When the Crimes Against Persons unit teams up with her boss to ask her to go undercover one more time, Cate knows she’ll refuse. Until she hears more about the case. 

A prominent citizen’s daughter went missing from a pricey boarding school, and the department wants Cate to go undercover—as a student at Ivy Hill Academy. Cate agrees, knowing no one else on the force can pass for a teenager—and what could go wrong at a school?

When she arrives, Cate discovers the worst danger of all—the only man she’s ever loved has taken a job teaching Spanish at Ivy Hill. And Cate is in his class.

Zeke Sloan gave up the love of his life years ago to pursue a dangerous career with the DEA, but now they both appear to share an undercover assignment at the same school for different cases. Can their two agencies work together to untangle the mystery of the missing student and the drug ring operating nearby?

Will their collaboration rekindle their love or singe them with danger as they race to discover the mastermind behind the drug ring?

Why I Loved This Book

Hannon holds a master’s in suspense, and this book kept me guessing and turning pages late into the night. Readers who love a little romance in their suspense stories will love the interactions between Cate and Zeke.

If you’re a die-hard suspense fan, the plot twists and turns will satisfy your need for unique situations, red herrings, and nefarious characters working in the shadows. Fans of Colleen Coble, Kelly Irvin, and Lisa Harris will enjoy this book.

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Some might think inspirational suspense an oxymoron. Trust me, it's not! Find out why. #amreading #bookreview #BookTalkTuesdays #suspense #inspy #ChristianFiction #netgalley

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