Love a good laugh AND a good romance? These new RomCom releases will fit the bill. #romcom #romance #cleanromance #inspirationalromance #amreading #bookrelease #newrelease #makeitintoamovie

Love a good laugh AND a good romance? These new RomCom releases will fit the bill.

I receive free electronic advanced reader copies of these books through an arrangement between the publishers and NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion on NetGalley’s website. I only review books on my blog that I really love.

Love a good laugh AND a good romance? These new RomCom releases will fit the bill. #romcom #romance #cleanromance #inspirationalromance #amreading #bookrelease #newrelease #makeitintoamovie

Looking for a New RomCom?

Although I call these RomCom releases, I should add the caveat that they’re both squeaky clean. Romance doesn’t have to involve steamy bedroom scenes. I prefer to keep the bedroom door closed, thank you very much. Don’t get me wrong, both authors (especially Emma St. Clair) know how to write toe-tingling, heart-melting romance where sparks fly between the heroine and the hero. The fire just stays in the fireplace.

So, if you want a few new RomCom releases, read on!

The Buy-In

Emma St. Clair, January 2022, 436 pages.

When an injury booted Pat from his NFL career, he came home to Austin to regroup. And after years, he still hasn’t found a place to plant his boots. He changes jobs and apartments so often his brothers and dad have started to wonder if he has a serious problem. His sister Harper seems to understand—after all, she recently realized her autism has kept her from relationships and commitment. (You can find Harper’s story here.)

When his dad, a retired NFL player, buys a small town in Texas, Pat wants nothing to do with the project. Until he finds out his dad bought Sheet Cake, the hometown of the only woman he’s ever loved.

When Lindy stops at the local diner to pick up her niece, Jo, the last person she expects to run into is Pat Graham. The man broke her heart back in college, and Lindy wants nothing to do with him now. But when Pat offers a marriage of convenience to help Lindy gain permanent custody of Jo, Lindy reluctantly agrees. With a falling-apart life and house near collapse, Lindy can’t see anyone sticking around. Especially a guy who left her before.

But household disasters, flaming squirrels, Pat’s ankle-tracking device (part of Judge Judie’s sentence), and a city block’s worth of asphalt start to chip away at Lindy’s resolve to stay out of love.

What I Loved About This Book

St. Clare has a comedian’s perfect timing and delivery. Readers will laugh (and maybe even snort coffee through their noses) at the Graham family’s hijinks. Jo’s precocious but innocent (and embarrassing) questions keep readers wondering what she’ll say next.

Readers will relate to both Lindy and Pat as they struggle to put their past decisions behind them and create a future filled with hope. If you love RomCom and clean romances, you won’t want to miss The Buy-In.

I’ll also confess I’ve already pre-ordered the second book in the series, The Bluff. I can’t resist Emma St. Clair’s new RomCom releases.

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Meet Me in the Margins

By Melissa Ferguson, Thomas Nelson, February 2022, 320 pages.

After working for years at a literary publishing agency, Savannah Cade feels as if her secret dreams will soon come true. A highly respected editor from a different publishing house (one which makes money from popular fiction) wants to see the manuscript Savannah has poured her heart into.

When Savannah accidentally spills her manuscript all over the conference room floor—in the middle of a staff meeting—she worries her secret will get out. She gathers her pride (slightly bruised from the fall that caused the spill) and her manuscript and hustles to hide her precious pages in the secret turret room in the Victorian mansion which houses the publishing company.

When she makes it back to retrieve her pages, she discovers someone has neatly stacked the pages in order. Even more horrifying, the mystery person had the temerity to add notes in the margins.

Notes Savannah has difficulty believing—after all, who at a high-brow publishing house would know anything about romance writing? But when the romance editor rejects her manuscript—citing the same flaws the mystery writer noted, Savannah must rethink her strategy. The editor gives her six months to resubmit, and Savannah starts a frenzied correspondence with the mystery editor in the margins of her manuscript.

To further complicate things, the new editor—and son of the romance-hating publisher—just might have a romantic interest in her. But she’s starting to fall in love with her mystery editor. How will she finish her manuscript, sort out her love life, and discover the identity of her helpful editor in just six months?

What I Loved About This Book

This clean romance sparkles with quirky characters and funny scenes. Readers will relate to the problems both Savannah and Cade have with their families. The identity of the mystery editor (and turret decorator, candle lighter, and twinkling light stringer) keeps the reader turning pages searching for the truth.

Fans of Emma St. Clare and Jessica Kate will love this book.

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Love a good laugh AND a good romance? These new RomCom releases will fit the bill. #romcom #romance #cleanromance #inspirationalromance #amreading #bookrelease #newrelease #makeitintoamovie

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