You may do challenging things, but how are you at loving outside your comfort zone? #comfortzone #learntolove #eracism #ally #BIPOC #truelove #rapelling #learntolove #selfcare #SelfCareSunday #selfcarehacks

You may do challenging things, but how are you at loving outside your comfort zone?

Don’t Live Outside Your Comfort Zone, Love Outside Your Comfort Zone!

“I don’t know if I can do this,” one of the ladies in our group said.

“Take your time,” the guide assured her, “I know you’re outside your comfort zone.”

We stood at the top of a waterfall that plunged 120 feet to the ground. Our goal? Rappel over the edge.

“Aren’t you scared?” Pedro asked.

“Not really,” I answered. “I did this on a backpacking trip as a kid. We had a blast.”

“I really don’t want to go first,” the lady said.

“No problem.” The guide turned to the rest of us. “Is there anyone else who’d like to go first?”

No one answered, so I raised my hand. Normally, I don’t offer to go first, but I volunteered since rappelling wasn’t outside my comfort zone. Don’t get me wrong; my core still tingled when I stepped backward over the edge. My heart skipped a beat when I swung too fast toward the wall of granite. But I loved every minute of the experience.

One by one, the rest of the group completed the descent. Some shaking the entire time, others hooting in excitement. I overheard another couple chatting as they took off their harnesses.

“I’m hooked! When can we go again?” the woman asked.

“Hmmm, you can go again, and I’ll watch,” the man said.

“You survived going out of your comfort zone once,” she cajoled, “maybe you’ll have more fun the second time.”

“Let’s just say I’m not ready to try again anytime soon,” he answered. “But I’m happy to watch you!”

In today’s podcast, I give three hacks for loving outside your comfort zone. They might seem normal for some and impossible for others (especially introverts). I urge you to try them all and let me know what ones you’ll need to practice more often and which seem easy.

Show Notes

Take five minutes to watch this video. You’ll be glad you did.

Come Back Next Week

Some people find it easy to step in and defend the underdog. Others need practice and a game plan. Next week I’ll share six ways you can help stop a verbal attack—a great way to love outside your comfort zone!

You may do challenging things, but how are you at loving outside your comfort zone? #comfortzone #learntolove #eracism #ally #BIPOC #truelove #rapelling #learntolove #selfcare #SelfCareSunday #selfcarehacks
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  1. I have learned that if I’m in my comfort zone, I am probably not where God wants me to be. While I really don’t want to rappel – I know that sometimes when I feel that way, that is a clue that is where He wants me to be! Thanks for sharing your bird story – and your video. This is such a good Monday Morning post to start my week! Shalom!
    Maryleigh recently posted…Lord Jesus Christ Have MercyMy Profile

  2. As I get older, I’ve realized that the opportunities to learn and be outside my comfort zone are something I’m going to need to go after. They don’t just come to me like they did when I was young. I used to teach rappelling at a camp so I had to learn. I’ve actually been wondering about trying that again, which would definitely be outside my comfort zone now that I’m 30 years older. Also, my voice is giving out on me so I’ve been wondering if I could learn to play the drums so I can keep participating in making music for our church services. I appreciate the push to be uncomfortable. I want to be the kind of person who is willing to be more uncomfortable than I am right now.

  3. Not always, but many times when I am out, I tend to be mission-focused with blinders on. Just get my stuff done as soon as possible. I do engage with strangers sometimes, and enjoy it when I do. But I need to look around and be aware of others more and say a kind word as opportunity allows.
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