Ever wondered about the glamorous life of an influencer? You'll love these books with social media influencers as protagonists. #amreading #bookreviews #romcom #inspy #socialmediainfluencer #fame #boundaries #motherdaughterrelationships #booktalktuesdays

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Ever wondered about the glamorous life of an influencer? You’ll love these books with social media influencers as protagonists.

Ever wondered about the glamorous life of an influencer? You'll love these books with social media influencers as protagonists. #amreading #bookreviews #romcom #inspy #socialmediainfluencer #fame #boundaries #motherdaughterrelationships #booktalktuesdays

Read Any Good Books With Social Media Influencers as Protagonists?

“Did you know that kid is worth over $100 million?” my son-in-law asked me as I watched a Ryan’s World episode with my five-year-old grandson.

“Seriously?” I said, “How can he be worth so much? All he does is play with toys and his mom films him.”

“He’s a social media influencer and gets paid to play with the toys.”

The concept baffled me. I’d read about a social media expert (Emma St. Clair’s Managing the Rock Star: A Bad Boy Sweet Romance), but I didn’t realize people could make money from social media. It’s a thing, and people have started writing books with social media influencers as protagonists. Whether you’ve wanted to build your social media empire into a career or have caught yourself mindlessly scrolling through Facebook one too many times, you’ll enjoy these two books!

The Thing About Home

By Rhonda McKnight, Thomas Nelson, May 9, 2023, 384 pages.

Social influencer Casey Black spends months planning an elaborate vow-renewal ceremony, only to have her husband ask for a divorce minutes before going live on the big day. When the dust settles at the church, Casey loses her cool. Live. On Instagram. Her millions of followers turn into maybe a million, and Casey longs to escape.

Her cousin urges her to go South and find her father’s family. The mysterious family her mother will never speak about. Casey gathers up her courage and heads to Georgetown, South Carolina. For the past 36 years, Casey has let her mother manage her career, but this time, she strikes out on her own.

When she arrives, she discovers her people—a grandmother who’s prayed for Casey her entire life, cousins, aunts, uncles, and a legacy she never imagined. Casey also finds a new friend who doesn’t know about her fame or fortune and challenges her to connect with the land. Nigel, her grandmother’s farm manager, breaks down Casey’s barriers and helps her discover her true self.

Journal entries from her great-great-grandmother add depth and perspective to Casey’s understanding of home.

What I Loved About This Book

McKnight crafts a sweet second-chance romance in The Thing About Home. Readers will relate to Casey as she works through her grief (over her failed marriage and lost opportunities with family). Casey’s helicopter mother makes it difficult for Casey to stand alone, and readers will cheer Casey on as she learns to set healthy boundaries and make choices on her own.

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Famous for a Living

By Melissa Ferguson, Thomas Nelson, May 16, 2023, 320 pages.

Cat Cranwell has come a long way from the timid teen who escaped her harsh reality by posting on social media. Now she lives the perfect life of a social influencer—glamour, glitz, money, and fame. When her new business partner skips town under allegations of selling information from their new start-up, Cat finds herself in the depths of despair.

Brands don’t want anything to do with her, and over a million people unsubscribe in the first hours after the news hits the streets of New York City. Her best friend arranges for her to take a temporary job helping her park ranger uncle at a remote National Park in Montana.

When she arrives, nothing goes as expected. Cat has to room with an overeager roommate in a drafty cabin the size of a waffle, work at a desk in a metal folding chair under a hanging saddle, and spend time with technology dinosaurs. Her handsome co-worker Zaiah uses a flip phone, for goodness’ sake! How will she survive in the wilds with limited Internet access?

But the more she gets to know the crew at Kannery National Park, the more endearing they become. And the more time she spends with Zaiah, the more she realizes she has a problem with social media.

While she waits to get her life back, Cat uses her remaining influence to gather support for Kannery National Park—the unknown gem of Montana. As she answers hard questions from Zaiah, basks in the fatherly love of her uncle, and shares a sisterhood with her roommate, Cat realizes boundaries with social media might make her life better, not worse.

What I Loved About this Book

Ferguson has the sweet rom-com genre nailed in this light read with serious questions. Readers will fall in love with Cat as she moves from the shallow end of the pool to the deep end. And those who have a social media dinosaur in their lives will enjoy Zaiah’s take on the need for boundaries. Ferguson creates an endearing cast of characters readers will want to hear more from in the future.

Fans of Emma St. Clair will enjoy this book.

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Ever wondered about the glamorous life of an influencer? You'll love these books with social media influencers as protagonists. #amreading #bookreviews #romcom #inspy #socialmediainfluencer #fame #boundaries #motherdaughterrelationships #booktalktuesdays

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  1. My grandson is a Ryan’s World fan. It really helped things like the time we flew out for my m-i-l’s funeral–my grandson had seen all about flying on Ryan’s World, so he wasn’t weirded out by security or anything. I can’t help but wonder what’s going to happen to Ryan as he grows up.

    I had not heard of these, but I just read a really cute but deep story about a social media influencer–All That Really Matters by Nicole Deese
    Barbara Harper recently posted…Healing from Past HurtsMy Profile

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