Looking for the best rom com novels to curl up with this fall? Grab your pumpkin-spice latte and fall into one of these two delightful stories. #amreading #BookTalkTuesdays #romcom #newrelease #bookreview #socialanxiety #hockeyromance #graphicdesigner #christmas #sweaterweather

Looking for the best rom com novels to curl up with this fall? Grab your pumpkin-spice latte and fall into one of these two delightful stories.

Looking for the best rom com novels to curl up with this fall? Grab your pumpkin-spice latte and fall into one of these two delightful stories. #amreading #BookTalkTuesdays #romcom #newrelease #bookreview #socialanxiety #hockeyromance #graphicdesigner #christmas #sweaterweather

What’s your taste in romantic comedy? I think the best rom com novels have engaging storylines, quirky characters, and laugh-out-loud situations. When an author weaves in spiritual truths without preaching or helps me understand situations from other points of view, even better. Emma St. Clair and Sarah Monzon have crafted two of the best rom com novels just in time for curling up in a cozy chair (crackling fire optional) this fall.

Just Don’t Fall: A Fake Dating Hockey RomCom (Sweater Weather Book 1)

By Emma St. Clair, August 31, 2023, 330 pages.

Parker Douglas has spent ten years trying to get over Logan Barnes—her older brother’s best friend who left Harvest Hollow and never looked back. She’s also spent a decade trying to separate herself from her overbearing father. Parker loves her job working as a social media manager for the local AHL hockey team, the Appies.

Although her job doesn’t pay much, Parker loves interacting with the team and doing her part to support a sport she’s always wished she could take part in. When Logan Barnes gets sent down to the Appies from the NHL, Parker wonders how she’ll handle spending time with him. Surely, after all these years, her crush has fizzled out.

When Logan Barnes finds out his new contract with the Appies includes participating in social media stunts, he has no idea how he’ll survive. Then he realizes the social media manager is little Parker Douglas. However, she’s morphed into a beautiful woman full of sass and spirit.

Despite his conflicted feelings about playing for the Appies, Logan somehow feels more at home than he’s ever felt. Maybe because he gets to see Parker every day. Perhaps because the team and community welcome him in ways he’s never been welcomed before.

When a stubborn door catapults Parker and Logan into each other’s arms, Parker realizes her crush hasn’t shrunk a centimeter. Logan realizes he no longer has older-brother’s-best-friend feelings for Parker.

What I Loved About This Book

You’ll love Parker and Logan’s story if you love sweet romance with plenty of laugh-out-loud scenes. Even better, St. Clair has mastered the art of chaste but steamy romance scenes. Yes. That’s a thing. If you’re looking for a bodice ripper, spend your money elsewhere. But if you love rom-coms, you’ll fall in love with Just Don’t Fall!

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All’s Fair in Love and Christmas

By Sarah Monzon, Bethany House Publishers, September 5, 2023, 256 pages.

Mackenzie Graham would rather hide in the corner, do her job, and talk to as few people as possible. As a graphic designer at Limitless Designs, she loves her job—if she doesn’t have to talk face-to-face with clients. Her extreme social anxiety dams up her quick thinking and causes all the wrong words to escape through her mouth.

She’s coexisted with her colleagues for almost two years and has never drawn much attention. Just the way she likes it. Mackenzie wants out of it when her sweet boss pits her against Jeremy Fletcher, the dreamy co-worker she’s harbored a secret crush on, for an office promotion. But along with the promotion comes a raise—one she needs to continue footing the bill for her mom’s memory care.

Mackenzie will do anything to help her mom—even if it means getting to know her colleagues better so she can sow a little Christmas cheer. Because everyone knows, the yearly promotions go to the ones with the most holiday spirit.

Jeremy Fletcher has hardly noticed his co-worker Mackenzie Graham, so when his boss lets them know she’s considering both for a promotion, Jeremy secretly thinks he’ll win. He quickly lays out a plan for bringing holiday cheer to the entire office. As a single caretaker and guardian to his orphaned twin niece and nephew, Jeremy knows how much the raise will help their college funds.

Jeremy never expected Mackenzie to have a quirky sense of humor and the gumption to make it a real competition. He also never expected to find himself constantly thinking about Mackenzie.

What I Loved About This Book

Monzon has created a light-hearted, sweet, romantic comedy with memorable characters. Readers who suffer from social anxiety will relate to Mackenzie—especially those who’ve felt depressed because God doesn’t take their anxiety away from them. Jeremy, once a fun-loving single man, changed when he gained custody of his niece and nephew. He still loves fun, but his laser-like focus on his plan of action leaves no room for God’s plans.

Fans of Melissa Ferguson and Emma St. Claire will love this rom-com author!

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Looking for the best rom com novels to curl up with this fall? Grab your pumpkin-spice latte and fall into one of these two delightful stories. #amreading #BookTalkTuesdays #romcom #newrelease #bookreview #socialanxiety #hockeyromance #graphicdesigner #christmas #sweaterweather

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