#UnUncommonCourtshipA Regency with a Twist

In An Uncommon Courtship Kristi Ann Hunter has done what few modern Regency writers have ever done—created an unlikely love story with all of the nuances of relationships that newlyweds might face (especially innocent ones) without being salacious or offensive. The result is a masterpiece tapestry of true love. Unlike many books in the ‘Inspirational Historical’ category these days,the hero has to use his faith to figure out what to do.

Lady Adelaide Bell has a horrible mother who has neglected her throughout her life. All of her mother’s affection and care have gone into making Adelaide’s older sister a replica of herself. Adelaide’s mother leaves her in a derelict building overnight after driving by and seeing a second horse tethered outside the building. The mother hopes that the duke owns the horse and she ignores the calls for help that she hears from inside the building. Unfortunately, the horse and voice belong to the duke’s younger brother Trent. The mother’s machinations result in the marriage of two strangers—Trent Hawthorne and her daughter Adelaide.

Rather than just another hurried marriage where two characters learn to muddle along, the story veers off into unexpected twists. Most Regencies have a rakish sort of hero who reforms by the end of the book.  The worldly man finds himself besotted with his unexpected bride and she gently reforms his ways. But not in this uncommon story.

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An Unlikely Hero and an Inelegant Heroine

First of all, Trent has grown up in a godly family and respects women. At the same time, he fears that he will never love his wife because he didn’t love her when he proposed to her.  He proposed to save her reputation, not because she met his ideal of a wife. Trent struggles to figure out what exactly one does with a wife. He fails miserably when he takes her to London for the Season without thinking his plan through—or telling his mother that he has wed.uncommon

Adelaide, accustomed to disappearing into the woodwork, has scarcely learned the social graces that one would expect of an earl’s daughter. She adapts to those around her and has no practice at standing up for herself or what she believes. The awkwardness of their situation increases when she finds herself unable to converse with her new husband at the breakfast table after he spends their first night alone in his rooms.

Add to the mix an uncommon household of servants who feel free to speak their minds, and Adelaide feels even more confused. She has a vague idea of the duties of a wife, and knows she falls short. Adelaide longs to get to know Trent better, but he studiously avoids her whilst he figures out what to do.

Readers will love how Adelaide and Trent work their way out of their awkward situation. Along the way, they discover truths about themselves and each other that will change their lives forever.

An Uncommon Courtship releases on January 3, 2017.  It is the third in the Hawthorn House Series by Kristi Ann Hunter.  I have yet to read the first book in the series, but I loved the second one.


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