Don’t Miss Dickerson’s Newest Regency: A Viscount’s Proposal!

viscountNot Your Average Regency Romp

The allure of marrying a British noble, say, a duke or a viscount, makes Regency novels, from Pride and Prejudice to The Foundling popular with romantics. Courtship has morphed into dating however, and the average young lady nowadays thinks nothing of spending time alone with a young man.Don't miss Melanie Dickerson's latest installment in her #Regency series! You'll love the lively Leorah!

But two hundred years ago, during the Regency era, everyone knew that time spent alone with a member of the opposite sex could ruin a reputation faster than a Gunther’s ice could melt on a hot summer day. Enter the lively Leorah Langdon who has no patience for stuffy society and firmly believes that character counts.

Leorah isn’t your typical Regency-era miss. She’s not looking for a well-connected marriage or a spectacular Season or someone to support her for the rest of her life. She’s holding out for true love and sees no reason to follow society’s strictures for the sake of snagging a spouse.

Edward, the Viscount Withinghall, on the other hand, seeks the perfect politician’s wife and everything about Leorah upsets his sensibilities. Alas, neither of their well-laid plans will come to fruition. A carriage accident leaves them alone in each other’s company for a compromising amount of time. What they do next will surprise and delight the reader.

Add danger and attempted murder (not to mention sparks between Edward and Leorah), and the reader won’t want to put the book down.

Readers who enjoyed Melanie Dickerson’s first book in the Spies of London series will love the second book—this one starring Nicholas Langdon’s younger sister. One needn’t read the series in order, though. I always appreciate it when authors write series that don’t HAVE to be read in order.

Melanie Dickerson’s Other Books

If you’ve never read a book by Melanie Dickerson, you have missed out! All but two of her 11 books classify as Young Adult books. But hey, if the story is good, and I enjoy it, that makes me a young adult, right?

Spies of London Series (Inspirational Regency)

A Spy’s Devotion 
A Viscount’s Proposal

Medieval Fairy Tale Series (Young Adult Series)

The Huntress of Thornbeck Forest
The Beautiful Pretender 

Fairy Tale Romance Collection (suitable for girls 9-99)

The Merchant’s Daughter
The Healer’s Apprentice
The Fairest Beauty
The Captive Maiden
The Princess Spy
The Golden Braid

One thing I love about Melanie’s books is that my students love them and so do I. Which makes it easy to actually discuss books and plot and characters with teenagers.

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Q4U: What series have you discovered that both you AND your local teenager enjoy?

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