If you struggle with weight loss, try to get more rest. Adequate sleep helps you fight weight gain. "ghrelin #leptin #cortisol #weightgain #weightloss #healthychoices #health #bears #hibernation #rest #Selfcare #selfcarehacks #selfcaresunday

If you struggle with weight loss, try to get more rest. The importance of rest for achieving a healthy weight is backed by science.

Try Sleeping More?

I looked at the number on the scales and sighed. For some reason, it seemed so. hard. to lose weight. I’d had initial success eating keto, but I always hit a plateau at around the same weight each time I tried it. Eating keto didn’t feel sustainable, either. So, I’d give up in discouragement and regain some of the weight I lost.

I would blame my failure on my slow metabolism (I figured since I have a low heartbeat, I must have a slow metabolism). In reality, I needed to build muscle to fire up my mitochondria. I could maintain strict self-discipline for five or six months and then slowly return to eating carbs (healthy ones, but carbs, nonetheless).

Two years ago, I joined Noom and discovered a key to why I always struggled. It turns out needed to try sleeping more. For the past few years, I’ve paid close attention to the relationship between my sleep patterns, food choices, and weight. I can see a direct relationship. Now, if I struggle to maintain weight, I check in with my sleep habits. Invariably, I’ve slept poorly or not slept enough for two or more days.

The older I get, the more difficult I find it to lose weight, so I have a strong incentive never to gain more than a pound or two above my ideal weight. Keeping a regular sleep schedule helps. I realize moms with little ones will find it difficult to maintain a regular sleep schedule. I know one young mom who only gets regular sleep when she’s not at home. Her autistic son can sleep anywhere from 10 to 5 hours a night. If he wakes up at four in the morning ready for breakfast, his parents can’t ignore him.

Everyone has different challenges during each season of their life. If you’re young with small ones, aim for what’s reasonable. When your kids get older, or your nest empties, you may need to form new sleep habits in order to lose all that mommy weight.

Show Notes

Check out this article on the importance of rest and adequate sleep.

You can download a free checklist to help you figure out your why.

Self-Care Hacks for setting up bedtime routines.

Using the After-Action Review process for physical health goals.

You can listen to episodes SCH 069, 070, 071, and 072 for ideas on a weekly Sabbath rest.

If you struggle with weight loss, try to get more rest. Adequate sleep helps you fight weight gain. "ghrelin #leptin #cortisol #weightgain #weightloss #healthychoices #health #bears #hibernation #rest #Selfcare #selfcarehacks #selfcaresunday

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  1. Like you Anita, I find losing weight harder as I get older & keto wasn’t sustainable for me either although I did lose 14kgs to get to my ideal weight.
    Only to gain 3kgs back since! But my body has decided on a certain weight & it clings to that now.
    My physician isn’t worried about this as it’s still in the ideal BMI range for my height, so I just have adjust my expectations of what I think is my ideal weight.

    I also agree with sleeping patterns & difficulty in losing weight. Having autoimmune conditions which cause sleep interruptions it’s difficult.
    But a bedtime routine definitely helps ☺️

    Praying for Pedro at this time in the recent diagnosis & for you.
    Bless you both, Jennifer
    Tea With Jennifer recently posted…The Art of the WAITMy Profile

  2. Great message, Anita. I remember a nutritionist telling me that many times when we grab a snack or turn to food we are tired and not really hungry. Proves true with me. Thanks!

  3. Anita, you brig up such good points in your podcast. And the story about that bear–so perfect. I’ve found that crazy sleep schedules that don’t include enough hours of sleep definitely impact my weight. I’ve struggled to make sure I’m getting enough. Your words are a great reminder go one of the many reasons consistent (and enough) sleep is so important for us!
    Jeanne Takenaka recently posted…What Causes People Pleasing to Become Too Important to UsMy Profile

  4. The more I learn about the body, the more I understand this truth: we are fearfully and wonderfully made. Everything is connected. Thanks for sharing this truth. Everything is better with a good night’s sleep!

  5. Wow, this hit home. Maybe the reason I’m not losing weight is that I don’t get enough sleep. I exercise (pilates) and ride the exercise bike. I try to watch so I don’t eat more than I should. Sometimes I just have trouble falling asleep. Sometimes I wake up and take a while to get back to sleep. Other times I wake up early and just want to get up. Guess I need to take some time to evaluate what can help me get more sleep. Thanks for sharing what you’ve learned. Blessings to you, Anita!

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