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MomI’d love to get to know you better, so please, do leave a comment and let me know where you are in your momming journey. I started my mom journey in 1992. Our daughters have left the nest, and one has started her own family. Last summer I spent eight weeks helping her out with her busy baby boy while she worked on a big project for work. Whew! Did my grandson ever wear me out!

I admire brave moms everywhere, and believe me, if you’re a mom, you ARE brave. I’d love to know what you identify as the most difficult part of parenting today. Back when I stayed home with our girls (I got to stay home with them for two years), I fought boredom. To my regret, I let my attitude get in the way of my enjoyment. I love watching our daughter delight in her son and spend time just watching him. I don’t think I did enough of that.

Our family experienced a two traumatic incidents before our girls left home. My husband almost died from cancer (non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma with central nervous system involvement) when our girls were eight and nine, and our youngest daughter had an undiagnosed mental illness that caused a year-long bout with depression and suicidal thoughts.

Parenting takes bravery! It also takes grace. Grace to recognize our humanity and to forgive ourselves when we mess up. We need grace to ask forgiveness of our children or our spouse, as well as grace to give forgiveness.

Most of all, we moms need to learn how to take care of ourselves in healthy ways. We need a systematic way to nurture ourselves (not just pamper ourselves) so that we, too, continue to grow as people. Healthy, happy moms make for healthy, happy kids.

Are You a Mom? Self-Care is SO Important!

I write a lot about self-care and nurturing ourselves because I know what can happen when we fail to take care of ourselves (weight gain, health problems, relationship woes, bad decision-making habits).

I hope you stick around and find inspiration! You can join me for Self-Care Sundays when I post about ways we can nurture ourselves. If you love books, I have a Book Talk Tuesday series with information on new book releases, literature, and helping kids learn to love reading.

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Once again, welcome! I’d love to hear back from you! Feel free to contact me via email: anita at anitaojeda dot com, or leave a comment. I curate Pinterest boards that deal with the four aspects of self-care, and I post a lot on Instragram and Twitter (username: @blestbutstrest).


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