The 2023 Write 28 Days Challenge starts here! You’ll also find the landing page for 28 More Devotionals for Nature Lovers #devotionalsfornaturelovers #write28dayschallenge #devos #naturelovers #creation #Creator #writingchallenge #FebruaryWritingChallenge #blogger #photographer #naturelover #podcaster

The 2023 Write 28 Days Challenge starts here! You’ll also find the landing page for 28 More Devotionals for Nature Lovers

The 2023 Write 28 Days Challenge starts here! You’ll also find the landing page for 28 More Devotionals for Nature Lovers #devotionalsfornaturelovers #write28dayschallenge #devos #naturelovers #creation #Creator #writingchallenge #FebruaryWritingChallenge #blogger #photographer #naturelover #podcaster

Welcome to the Write 28 Days Challenge Community!

Whether you’ve blogged for years, have books published, or only dabble at writing, the Write 28 Days Challenge is for you. Join us in committing to writing (and publishing) for the 28 days of February. Why do we do it? For the community and for the discipline.

Let’s talk about community first. If you haven’t found your way to the Write 28 Days Challenge Facebook Community, just click here. Each day during the challenge, you’ll find a share thread for the day. Share a link to your latest blog post, and then stop by and leave encouraging words on the blogs of the person who commented before you and after you.

This year, I’ll also ask volunteers to host the daily share threads. Right smack in the planning for this year’s Write 28 Days Challenge, my husband received a cancer diagnosis. Instead of one of those slow Februarys with short days, long nights, and lots of time to write and host a challenge, we’ll have a different sort of challenge. One that involves thousands of miles of travel, unknowns, and surgery.

Hop over to the Facebook group to find out how to volunteer and host a share thread day!

Discipline Helps Us Grow as Writers

The 2023 Write 28 Days Challenge starts here! You’ll also find the landing page for 28 More Devotionals for Nature Lovers #devotionalsfornaturelovers #write28dayschallenge #devos #naturelovers #creation #Creator #writingchallenge #FebruaryWritingChallenge #blogger #photographer #naturelover #podcaster

Discipline, the other tenet of the Write 28 Days Challenge, comes with practice. We improve when we practice, and following through when we make a commitment helps develop self-discipline. Don’t get me wrong. You don’t have to finish writing 28 blog posts in 28 days. One of last year’s participants finished in December! But she finished! That takes dedication and self-discipline.

I may not finish a post a day this year for the first time in ten years of participating in or hosting writing challenges. I realized on my run this morning that I have permission not to finish in 28 days. My commitments to my husband, family, and students outweigh a writing challenge I came up with.  

As I navigate round two with cancer, I want to keep things balanced. It took me almost 15 years to recover my health after caring for my husband when he had cancer for the first time. So, I will hold my self-expectations loosely and concentrate on keeping balance in the present.

Even if you face some obstacles in this season of your life, don’t be afraid to join the challenge. We write to know we are not alone, and the supportive members of the Write 28 Days Challenge community will bear witness to your efforts to write consistently. Even if consistent for you means once a week.

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28 More Devotionals for Nature Lovers

Love Nature? Check out this series of 28 Devotionals for Nature Lovers. #devotionalsfornaturelovers #write28dayschallenge #devos #naturelovers #creation #Creator #writingchallenge #FebruaryWritingChallenge #blogger #photographer #naturelover #podcaster

This post also serves as the landing page for my series. I had so much fun writing devotionals last year about all the beautiful things I’ve seen and photographed; I decided to do it again. I invite you to dive into the beautiful world of God’s second book—Nature.

You’ll find the titles for each devotional in the series below. When it turns from black to a color, you’ll know the post has gone live, and you’ll be able to read it.

The Odd and the Misunderstood

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Porcupine Teeth and Other Amazing Facts

Can a Bird with a Broken Beak Teach Us About Tolerance?

How did the Fascinating Red Fox Get Such a Bad Rap?

A Partially Leucistic Dolphin Taught Me How a Faith Community Should Work

What I Learned About Safety from a Fearless Little Leucistic Hummingbird

What a Lunar Eclipse Taught Me About Navajo Culture and Beliefs

Living the Life of Ease is Harder Than You Think if You’re a Hoary Marmot

The Little Known

The Grizzly Bear Diet After Sleeping All Winter Might Really Shock You

Do Five-Striped Sparrows Really Skulk and Other Bird Nerd Questions

If Parakeet Auklets Find Safety Within the Crevice of a Rock, So Can I

Why Most People Can’t Name the Second Largest Animal in the World

Five Reasons the World Population of Red-Faced Cormorants is in Decline

Do Bears Eat Grass and Insects and Other Fun Bear Facts

Five Interesting Facts About the Rarely Seen Rhinoceros Auklet

Beauty in the Barrens

Why Beautiful Moonlight Changes the Unusual toadstool Hoodoos Trail

Why Long-tailed Tadpole Shrimp Thrive in Lonesome Places Might Surprise You

Why a Little Pool of Water Creates Beautiful Reflections in the Desert

How Can a Tiny Insect Grow a Flower on a Willow Tree?

Why We Don’t Need to Win the Lottery to Get to Heaven

How Light Changes the Wire Pass Slot Canyon from Blah to Beautiful

Five Facts About the Adorable Long-Nose Leopard Lizard


Are Common Honeybees in Danger and Why Should We Care?

Hairlines and Glaciers Share a Common Trait Can You Guess What it Is?

How Man Went from Exterminator to Saver of the Elegant Hawaiian Goose

Why You Can’t Kill a Rat with a Mongoose (and Why You Shouldn’t Try)

Another Butterfly Threatened with Extinction and What You Can Do to Help

Purple Owl’s Clover and Other Favorites of the Desert in Spring

If God Gave Us Stewardship Over the Earth, Why Don’t We Do Our Job?

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If you’re participating in the Write 28 Days Challenge, link up your first post or landing page here. The link-up is open for five days. Come back often to visit other people’s series. Remember, if you stop by via this link-up, let the person know you found them on the link-up page for the challenge and whether you’re participating.

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  1. Praying for you and your husband, dear Anita. May God give wisdom, comfort and healing.
    I don’t have a landing page, so I added my first post here.

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