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Looking for a blogging challenge to chase away the mid-winter blues? Check out the #write28days writing challenge! Are you in? #blogger #writer #challenge #writerslife #amwriting

Need a blogging challenge to chase away the mid-winter blues? Join us for the 2020 #write28days blogging challenge. Check out the categories, set your goals, and start writing!


Looking for a blogging challenge to chase away the mid-winter blues? Join us for a writing challenge that will not only flex your creative muscles but help you learn the discipline of writing and posting consistently. If you’re new to blogging, you’ll love the added benefit of having 28 new posts in your blog!

The Skinny on #write28days

Here’s how it works. You commit to writing and posting EVERY DAY in February. Twenty-eight days of writing and posting. Between February 1 and 5, you’ll be able to click here to link up your landing page (or first post) under the appropriate category.

Check back often during that week and find someone else who’s writing about a topic that seems interesting to you. Visit their post and leave a comment, letting them know that you’re part of the challenge, too.

On social media (Facebook links, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc), use the hashtag #write28days to make it easier to find each other, connect, and cheer each other on (after all, what’s the fun in a challenge with no cheerleaders?).

Join the Facebook Group if you’d like to engage even more. We’ll have daily share threads and accountability opportunities.

Don’t worry. There are no #write28days police out there making sure that you post every day. No one will knock at your door at midnight if you haven’t hit publish yet.

In fact, no one will knock on your door if it takes you longer than 28 days to write 28 posts. Or if what you have to say takes longer than 28 days to say (that happened to me one year…it was more of a ‘#write41days’ challenge).

The History

Looking for a blogging challenge to chase away the mid-winter blues? Check out the #write28days writing challenge! Are you in? #blogger #writer #challenge #writerslife #amwriting

This whole idea of having a writing challenge started almost a decade ago with a blogger called The Nester who issued the challenge in October. She eventually turned the reins over to Crystal Stine, who announced in November of 2018 that that would be the final year of the #write31days October challenge.

I participated for five years, and I can attest that participating in the challenge was the best thing I ever did for my blogging. I’d been writing to an audience of mostly crickets for an entire year. When I joined the challenge, I suddenly discovered a community.

The friends I made during that first challenge are still my friends to this day. We hang out in each other’s spaces, promote each other’s writing, and cheer each other on through sickness and health, job loss, and life changes.

My hope is that you’ll find community and encouragement for your writing journey, too.

For the Five-Minute Friday Fans

If you’re a Five-Minute Friday regular, you know all about writing with prompts. This year, members of the #write28days Facebook page helped choose the 28 prompts for the challenge.

Each word in the polls has been carefully selected for SEO (search engine optimization). That means that tens of thousands of people are looking for posts with those words in them, but very few people have used those words in the titles or content of their posts. That makes the words a win-win for you and for readers as far as gaining organic traffic goes.

If you have any questions, shoot me an email at anita at anitaojeda.com and I’ll happily help you!

Looking for a writing challenge? This 28-day blogging challenge will get your creative juices flowing! #amwriting #challenge #blogging #instagram Click To Tweet
Looking for a blogging challenge to chase away the mid-winter blues? Check out the #write28days writing challenge! Are you in? #blogger #writer #challenge #writerslife #amwriting

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If you’d like the prompts in advance, make sure you sign up below! I’ll send out a week’s worth (minus the Friday promps–Kate Motaung will share those prompts on Thursday nights during the Five Minute Friday Twitter party) of prompts each week starting on January 12. I know some of you love to get ahead of the game!


  1. Ok, I’m committed. I just purchased a wp.com site and will be rebranding myself and blogging all my randomness. Hoping this challenge will rebirth my desire to share my heart and life with others.

  2. I need to get my writing muscles flexed again, and build a routine of writing. I’m glad that you also mention we can give ourselves permission to complete 28 posts beyond 28 days! My full-time job can take over my writing time, but I love to learn through this challenge how I might fit in time to write more!

  3. I haven’t received emails other than the weekly Inspire Me Monday message, so I signed up again today. Checked junk and spam. I’m writing about JOY this year.

  4. I’m joining late, and am a little confused about linking up – I only see a link-up here for the first prompt (and it closes very soon – I don’t know if I’ll make it!) Will there be link-ups for the other prompts, or are those being shared in the FB group?

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