These fun baby sea otter facts might start you thinking. #faith #trust #seaotterfacts #seaotterpup #photography #devotional #naturelover #dwellinpeace

These fun baby sea otter facts might start you thinking.

In peace I will lie down and sleep, for you alone, Lord, make me dwell in safety.

Psalm 4:8 NIV
These fun baby sea otter facts might start you thinking. #faith #trust #seaotterfacts #seaotterpup #photography #devotional #naturelover #dwellinpeace

Fun Sea Otter Facts

The sea otter gripped its pup with its paws and licked its fur with vigor. She expertly turned and twisted her pup for at least ten minutes. I watched as she placed the pup on its back and quickly dove under the surface of the frigid waters in search of food.

The pup bobbed in place until the mother sea otter burst through the surface with a crab in her mouth. She swam next to her pup and expertly cracked open the crab. When she finished, she placed her pup on her chest and started the grooming process all over again.

I wondered why she fluffed her pup up before she dove beneath the surface. A quick search online revealed these fun sea otter facts.

Unlike other sea mammals, sea otters can’t swim at birth—even though mothers give birth in the water. Other aquatic mammals, such as sea lions, walruses, and seals give birth on shore and their babies can swim within hours

Sea otter pups don’t learn to swim for about four weeks—about the same time their mothers start to introduce solid foods into their diets.

Unlike other sea mammals, sea otters don’t have blubber to keep them warm and help them float. Instead, they have an incredible system of fur. They groom themselves to trap air between their skin and their fur, which provides both floatation and insulation.

A sea otter has approximately ONE MILLION hairs per square inch (but who’s counting?). This incredible quantity of hair makes it possible to trap air next to the sea otter’s body. The trapped air provides both insulation and buoyancy.

Not Just a Bunch of Fun Facts

All these fun sea otter facts remind me of a verse from Psalm 4:8. Sea otters face freezing waters, predators, and privation in their ocean environment. I wouldn’t call the ocean a safe place to give birth to and raise a pup.

Yet despite the hazards, God has created sea otters so they can thrive. The mothers can fluff their pups and leave them to hunt. Despite the hostile environment, sea otters can dwell in safety.

How often do I rest in the knowledge that God holds me in the palm of his nail-scarred hands? I might not understand all that happens to me, or see the details of the bigger picture. When attacked by worries and doubts in the middle of the night, God calls me to dwell in his bigger picture. He wants me to rest so he can provide refreshment for my body and my soul.

Do you struggle to accept the bigger picture even, if you can’t see the details?

These fun baby sea otter facts might start you thinking. #faith #trust #seaotterfacts #seaotterpup #photography #devotional #naturelover #dwellinpeace


  1. I loved this! The description was so good I could visualize it in my head when I read it. Very interesting facts too.


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