Why You Shouldn’t Completely Abandon Art or Learning During a Crisis | Self-Care Hacks Episode 143

What you enter crisis mode, it's easy to abandon art or learning. But if you do, you cut yourself off from opportunities to heal. #art #artheals #artduringacrisis #artisticwholeness #selfcarehacks #SelfCareSunday #InspireMeMonday #dontabandonart #importanceofart #getcreative #creativity

What you enter crisis mode, it’s easy to abandon art or learning. But if you do, you cut yourself off from opportunities to heal.

Don’t Abandon Art During a Crisis!

“Look!” I pointed outside, “it’s snowing!”

“No way,” Pedro said as he carefully turned towards the windows a few days after his surgery.

“Not only is it snowing in southern California, but it’s also sticking! I’m headed outside to take photos. Will you be ok?”

“Absolutely,” he replied. After living through more than one health crisis together, Pedro knows the importance of having a healthy caregiver who doesn’t abandon art or other forms of self-care during a crisis. In fact, I’d taken photos of something beautiful every day during our two-week stint in Redlands, CA, during Pedro’s surgery and recovery.

Now I would add snow on oranges and avocadoes to my photo library of beautiful and unusual things I noticed during my latest caregiving stint.

During Pedro’s first cancer journey (twenty years ago), I felt I had to abandon art and every other self-care form while caring for him. That attitude didn’t serve me well. I gained weight, got really grumpy, developed lupus, and struggled with key relationships. It took me almost a decade to recover.

So, whether you face a little crisis or a big crisis, don’t abandon art or learning. These five hacks will help you find ways to stay creative when life feels overwhelming.

Show Notes

Watch this TEDMED talk as psychology researcher Jennifer Stellar explains the importance of awe.

What you enter crisis mode, it's easy to abandon art or learning. But if you do, you cut yourself off from opportunities to heal. #art #artheals #artduringacrisis #artisticwholeness #selfcarehacks #SelfCareSunday #InspireMeMonday #dontabandonart #importanceofart #getcreative #creativity
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  1. Anita, thanks for sharing your hard-won advice about self-care for the caregiver. I don’t know what to do without my art and writing outlets. Praying Pedro continues to recuperate well. Blessings and love to you, dear Anita! xo

  2. So glad you are taking time to pursue your artistic interests! Praying for you and for Pedro in these days. I’m actually working on this kind of self-care too – joining a chorus (rehearsal tonight, actually!) in order to participate in singing and music.

  3. Anita, I look forward to seeing those photos! You’re so right. Choosing to practice the art that feeds us and to learn is so healthy for us. I’ve found, in walking through mental health crises with one kid or the other, that giving myself permission to take a walk and have my camera with me refreshes my spirit. I’m saying prayers for you and Pedro, my friend.
    Jeanne Takenaka recently posted…6 Effective Ways to Hang On When Waiting on God for AnswersMy Profile

  4. Hi Anita,
    I used to love photography and you’re encouragement has me itching longing to purchase a new camera and see things from the other side of the lens. Thank you!


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