If you love series set in a small town, you'll love this second installment of Colleen Coble's inspirational suspense series! #amreading #newrelease #netgalley #thomasnelson #bookreview #inspirationalsuspense #thriller #parkranger #mystery #inspy

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If you love series set in a small town, you’ll love this second installment of Colleen Coble’s inspirational suspense series!

If you love series set in a small town, you'll love this second installment of Colleen Coble's inspirational suspense series! #amreading #newrelease #netgalley #thomasnelson #bookreview #inspirationalsuspense #thriller #parkranger #mystery #inspy

Why I Love Inspirational Suspense Novels

I would never want to work in law enforcement or discover evidence of a gruesome crime. But I love reading stories about detectives, FBI agents, and LEOs. I admire the work they do to bring justice and keep peace. And I love a good inspirational suspense story, whether it takes place in the 1800s or today. Colleen Coble has mastered the genre of inspirational suspense, and when she writes a series, it feels a little like Jan Karon’s Mitford meets CSI. Relatable protagonists who struggle with matters of faith, just like I do. Add missing people, kidnapping, and decades-old mysteries, and you end up with the perfect book to read from cover to cover over a weekend!

Dark of Night: An Annie Pedersen Novel Book 2

By Colleen Coble, Thomas Nelson, January 10, 2023, 352 pages.

When park ranger Annie Pedersen’s life seems to settle down, new threats loom. For the past 24 years, Annie has searched for her little sister, Sarah. And suddenly, the young woman who tried to frame Annie’s boyfriend, Jon Dunstan, claims she’s Annie’s missing sister.

Annie, whose husband Nate perished along with her parents when someone sabotaged their boat, has struggled to raise her daughter Kylie alone, keep her job as a park ranger, and run a campground and marina set in the small town of Rock Harbor in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Without the help of the community, life would look a lot harder.

But Annie just found out Kylie isn’t Nate’s daughter. Jon, her high school sweetheart and a successful orthopedic surgeon is. Breaking the news to Jon was hard enough—how will she ever explain it to an eight-year-old and the close-knit community of Rock Harbor?

While dealing with the changes, Annie must navigate her feelings for Taylor—who might be her long-lost sister. There’s not much to like about the prickly, unpredictable young woman.

When a fancy BMW shows up deep in the forest with a bloody sheet in the trunk, Annie has a new and mysterious crime to solve. She and Jon follow leads, but no one has seen the missing woman for over a year. Has Annie uncovered another missing hiker from the U.P. wilderness?

When someone starts attacking Annie and Jon, they must solve the mystery before one of them ends up dead.

What I Loved About this Book

The second in Coble’s new series about Annie Pederson doesn’t disappoint. The second-chance romance continues as Annie and Jon figure out their rekindled relationship and struggle to help Kylie accept Jon as Annie’s boyfriend. Long-time fans of Coble will recognize characters from her other series set in Rock Harbor.

Readers will also relate to the struggle between grace, mercy, and justice. Does someone with an awful childhood deserve a little more of the first two?

Fans of Lynette Eason, Carrie Stuart Parks, and Cara Putman will enjoy this book.

If you love series set in a small town, you'll love this second installment of Colleen Coble's inspirational suspense series! #amreading #newrelease #netgalley #thomasnelson #bookreview #inspirationalsuspense #thriller #parkranger #mystery #inspy
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