Do You Ever Feel Like Nothing’s Under Control?

Maybe you need to read Jennifer Dukes Lee’s latest book, It’s All Under Control: A Journey of Letting Go, Hanging On, and Finding a Peace You Almost Forgot Was Possible Jennifer is my kind of person—real, witty, friendly, and struggling to get all the things done (in just the right way). And just like me, she struggles with her inner control freak. Unfortunately, she (and everybody else in this world) can’t control everything. And just like me, she’s worn herself thin trying to keep up the control game.

Has anyone ever called you a control freak? Maybe you're gripping too tightly and don't even know it. Check out It's All Under Control by Jennifer Dukes Lee #amreading, #control, #selfhelpFortunately for us, she spent time studying the control phenomena and came to some important conclusions. And fortunately for us, she writes in a warm, engaging style, seasoned with personal anecdotes and plenty of grace. As I read It’s All Under Control, I found myself snorting with laughter and shaking my head in resignation. Evidently, I suffer from more control problems than I realized (but Jennifer never makes you feel bad about the realization)

Jennifer helps the reader pinpoint her control problems. You could suffer from as a Driver, a Devoter, or a Darling. Once you crack your personal control code, she gives practical advice for how to make changes. The book includes a ‘Control Code Continuum’ for self-assessment, as well as practical advice at the end of each chapter on how to crack the control code.

Each chapter shares a slice of Jennifer’s story and how God showed her areas in her life that she needed to work on. I especially resonated with her chapter on taking God off my to-do list. I love getting things done, but I realized that at times, I put God on my to-do list instead of putting him around my list of things to get done.

Controlling Christians

Jennifer helped me realize that trying to control everything stems from a lack of faith. I need to learn to put my trust in the One who can control, and stop thinking that the outward manifestations of my control problem make me more of a Christian. Trying to direct the universe can wear a gal out.

Whether you met Jesus today or decades ago, this beautiful book is a call to action—the kind of action that results in true rest. Because true rest only happens when we acknowledge that God’s got it, and it’s not up to us.

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