So You’d Like to Live Healthy (er)? You’re in the Right Place!


It seems like when people tell you to nurture yourself, they equate it with having a pedicure or going out for coffee with friends. Maybe. For me, that sounds more like indulgence. A surface cure for what really ails you. I’d rather learn to really nurture my inner self with things that matter.

Not there’s anything wrong with pedicures or coffee dates. This blog is all about teaching you to nurture yourself without indulging yourself.

In addition to the series I wrote, I usually post once a week (some times two) about things that I’ve discovered that nurture me.

Welcome to the community. Please let me know if there are any topics you’d love to learn more about (after all, I love learning and then teaching what I’ve learned!).

You can reach out to me on twitter (@blestbutstrest), or leave a comment.

Here’s to a healthy (er) you!


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