Romeo and Juliet come to historical Buffalo, New York in this sweet, inspirational romance! #amreading #historicalromance #inspirational #inspy #historical #intrigue #zoo #romeoandjuliettrope

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Romeo and Juliet come to historical Buffalo, New York in this sweet, inspirational romance!

Romeo and Juliet come to historical Buffalo, New York in this sweet, inspirational romance! #amreading #historicalromance #inspirational #inspy #historical #intrigue #zoo #romeoandjuliettrope

How Did Romeo and Juliet End up in Historical Buffalo, New York?

Good question! Ever since the first Broadway production of West Side Story came out in 1950s, people have easily imagined Romeo and Juliet in New York City. But in historical Buffalo, New York? Not so much. Rachel Fordham has taken the Romeo and Juliet trope and set it in Buffalo during the Roaring Twenties. So if you love historical romance, characters who grow to their full potential, and a story of star-crossed love, you’ll enjoy this book!

The Letter Tree

By Rachel Fordham, Thomas Nelson, October 31, 2023, 352 pages.

It’s 1924 in Buffalo, New York, and Laura Bradshaw feels like a prisoner in her own home. While other young ladies from Buffalo’s wealthier families have social lives or even jobs; Laura has her housekeeper, a parrot, and a pen pal she’s been writing to for almost a decade. A mysterious pen pal who leaves letters in a hollow in the old maple tree inside the zoo.

Laura has seldom left her house since her mother’s death and the acrimonious split between Mr. Bradshaw and his business partner, William Campbell. Her father doesn’t want her mingling with anyone who may fraternize with his hated rival. When her father introduces Laura to a potential business partner, she hopes she’ll find a way out of her gilded cage.

But despite the excitement of going out on dates with a handsome, charming man, Laura can’t help but feel Abel Fredricks seems less than genuine. If only she could meet the mysterious letter writer who has become her confidant and best friend over the years. She can’t help but wonder about his identity.

Isaac Campbell has dutifully done what his father asked over the last decade. But he’s itching to do something real and meaningful. His father expects him to live a life of leisure, but Isaac wants to involve himself in the family shoe business and discover ways to best Mr. Bradshaw.

His mother wants him to find a wealthy young lady and get married, but Isaac feels his secret pen pal is the only real woman he knows. When he discovers her identity, he has a new mission in life—ending the ridiculous feud between his father and his former business partner.

Can Isaac and Laura discover the root cause of the feud and overcome the hate their families have taught them?

What I Loved About This Book

You’ll love The Letter Tree if you love sweet historical romance books with a dash of mystery and intrigue. Readers who struggle with difficult family members will relate to Laura and cheer for her as she struggles to break out of her cage.

Fordham’s attention to historical details will delight lovers of historical fiction.

Romeo and Juliet come to historical Buffalo, New York in this sweet, inspirational romance! #amreading #historicalromance #inspirational #inspy #historical #intrigue #zoo #romeoandjuliettrope
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